Oct. 1st, 2010 01:30 am
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So I forgot to write and say that I'm taking a long holiday (well, only 2 weeks worth) in Europe.

Things are fairly stable at home so the BF and I went ahead with our Eurotrip.
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at the hospital just waiting.

I hate waiting.

All that doubt and uncertainty and the hope that aches and hurts inside your soul.

A time of limbo where you wait for ages without the peace of mind that comes with ignorance or settled knowledge.

My stomach is just churning. It's not my fate that I'm waiting to be changed but a loved one's. Hope is a beating a hard drum inside my chest.

Did I mention that I hate waiting?
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Oh hey, look who is online again!? Yup. That's right. ME!!! *happy dance*

Which isn't to say that I haven't exactly been without internet connection since I last posted in the warm lobby of the Hilton Seattle where I was enjoying Sakura-Con with some fantastic friends and making new ones. I've had internet......on my blackberry (aka Shige-Dex). I just haven't had time to make a post!

So what's new/happening/exciting in my life in the past two weeks?

I'm so glad you asked! )

So. How are you doing this fine spring? :D Less hectic than me, I hope. One day soon I will actually comment on your posts! Promise!
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Hellooooooo from Seattle!!!

I'm here and having a lot of fun. :D I've seen a few panels, took some pictures, generally got lost in the convention center that Sakura-Con is held in. :D It's not raining so far but it's a bit chilly! Brrrr. Too bad I didn't bring a warmer coat!

Perhaps there will be pictures but I will have to steal them from my roommates!

Also, I'm amused that wifey has a fanclub. So cute! Her fangirls! :D Makes me a bit envious that I don't have any but that's okay. I don't want to get stalked! XD

But it's getting really late and the bed is calling my name!
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I think I need a weekend from my weekend!

I had a ton of meetings in the past week and a bunch of them were crammed into yesterday. I woke up feeling groggy and discombobulated. The feeling hasn't quite dissipated and the headache behind my right eye is starting to make itself known.

I think I'll work on last week's [ profile] jesummary tomorrow. My bed is too tempting not to make it an early night tonight.

Hope everyone is doing well!
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I just want to crash and curl up in my bed and hide from the world until I get enough sleep.

I'm sure this feeling will go away soon. But until then, I'm totally pulling the covers up and making a fort.
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*flops* sleepy

Life has taken a rather hectic turn. Well, more hectic than usual. :-P

phone3 Work has increased and I find myself staying longer and longer or working on Saturdays just to be able to keep up and breathe above water. My coworker is recovering nicely from his heart surgery but I will be most relieved when he is back in the office mid-September. Until then, let's see how well I can balance the increase of work with everything else.

document1 I've taken to writing to do lists lately. And then fail at finishing half of them. Like practicing my hiragana. But I've been working on [ profile] karberry & kuya's wedding stuff and the fun joint bridal party invitations are looking cute. I still need to finish more of them and get the addresses to send them off but I am enjoying the theme so far. :D "Sweet & Sour Soiree" is what the party is called. I've got a few recipes to try out!

eyes I had a list of things I wanted to talk about but I forgot. face26

Oh, I remember!

rice I've been eating a lot recently. So many parties and bachelorette parties and meet ups and fooooood!!! But I am being good and started working out again. I started out slow and just walked but I'm hoping that I can keep up and hit the gym every day so I can fit into that dress. I'm also back to that no refined sugar diet I was on last year. I found it helped a lot!

snowman [ profile] je_holiday signups are closed and man, I was bouncing in excitement when it closed. 106 people signed up! SO EXCITING. Now, I have to schedule time to work on the assignments with Beth since work has stepped up it's frenzy. Let's hope I don't fall over in exhaustion by the time this week is out.

baseball I'm sad the Olympics are over. But I am looking forward to the Winter Olympics. :D

magnify I started playing more with my makeup after reading [ profile] koneho's beauty/makeup posts. I have so much MAC makeup! But my color palette is not very diverse. It's all blues, purples, and greens. Neutral? What's that? ^_^;;

book1 Also, I have a project for next year. I'm going to scrapbook a journal of my travels. Especially since my goal of exploring California next year in lieu of a big overseas trip.

soon I miss having free time. Wandering around Michael's for supplies to make the invitations made me want to pick up my arts&crafts hobbies again.

clock wahhh. I feel like I'm forgetting something and the clock is working against me.

bell I don't know if I want expensive jewelry or another trip more right now. Tiffany's or Carmel?

arrowround I'm also feeling a bit useless. All this time has gone by and what exactly have I accomplished? I should ponder this with over a glass of pinot noir.
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....for Okamoto is scary. She loves him so much that she just screamed out "Okamoto and ME!" when asked for her favorite pairing.

Beth and I commenced to laugh ourselves silly.

Edit: The irony of it all is that she doesn't like Okamoto at all. He's her least favorite debuted Johnny's.

*cackles at her some more*
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i am so accident-prone this month. it can stop now. *shakes fist* damn you, mercury, for being in retrograde!

i stretched my arms out and accidentally burnt my hand on my table lamp. the other hand. *facepalms* so now i have two gimpy hands. :/ at least one is getting better. time to brush up on my two finger typing skills!

it's been super busy last week and this week! i'm still trying to catch up with things and take a deep breath.

and because i totally forgot to call today, [ profile] racerxmachina & [ profile] roseembolism, can you make it for dinner on Thursday night with [ profile] sandpanther and I for birthday celebration? :D


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