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Oh hey, look who is online again!? Yup. That's right. ME!!! *happy dance*

Which isn't to say that I haven't exactly been without internet connection since I last posted in the warm lobby of the Hilton Seattle where I was enjoying Sakura-Con with some fantastic friends and making new ones. I've had internet......on my blackberry (aka Shige-Dex). I just haven't had time to make a post!

So what's new/happening/exciting in my life in the past two weeks?

I'm so glad you asked!

So on a lovely Thursday afternoon (April 9th!), I picked up some chibi Taiyaki to bring up to Seattle. I flew Virgin America, which required me to be at SFO by a certain time, and dealing with mad rush hour traffic up the peninsula is not fun! Due to high winds, my flight was delayed but I settled in to play Brain Age 2 on my sister's white DS. Fun times. I really like flying on Virgin America. Their flight crew and the planes are totally awesome. I played all the music videos on my flight up but the only sad part was that the chat function wasn't working so I couldn't talk to a friend who was also on the same flight.

Got into cloudy Seattle and went, Yup. Feels like Seattle! :D Met up with wifey and Erisu before we got to the hotel and squished Clare.

Cue much giggling and talking and exciting squeals over boy bands, boys, and idols and stuff. For the next few days. I swear that's what we pretty much did. Oh, and took pictures. TONS of them. But they are incriminating and I am not posting them up. :-P

So Monday, after flying home on Sunday night, I ended up doing taxes and trying to catch up on [ profile] jesummary. I sorta failed on the latter but was completely successful on the former. :D

Tuesday (April 14) brought much excitement because I got to see AN CAFE again! Of course, I dragged [ profile] liangzhu and one of her housemates along for the ride. We met up with Tony, [ profile] pimpstress_rei, and [ profile] kamikaze_bunny for a rockin' good time. There, I met the lead singer of a local japanese band who invited us to check out her show. More details on that later. The show was amazing! I turned around and told Tony that I was amazed at how much their showmanship has improved from a year ago!

The boys spoke mainly in English. Teruki totally read off a cheat sheet but he's so cute and adorable and totally beaming at the crowd. Yuuki was on crack (as usual), bouncing and singing along, mouthing all the words while playing the keyboards. Takuya somehow ninja'd his way into being one of my favorites, asking the crowd if they love him because he loves us too. Miku is such a star. With big huge eyes and a bright smile, he knew how to work the crowd and was just hyper. But Kanon. Oh Kanon. My favorite speech of the night came from him. His "HELLO SAN FRANCISCO. I AM.....KANON. I AM....JAPANESE OTAKU!!!" with his cool rocker pose and his bass pointing up made my night.

Lots of great energy and Miku promising that they'll be back. I'm not sure if what it was whether it was the very last concert of the tour or the fact that they are playing to familiar faces (having played the year before at Fanime) or if they are becoming more comfortable in front of an American crowd but they have really grown a lot!

Now, before I had left for Seattle, I had an offer on Yelp to become an Elite member. What does this mean? It means I get a nifty badge sayin' "ELITE" and the opportunity to go to some exclusive events. I hesitated for half a day before I said yes. Because I'm curious and I like going to exclusive events. :D

Thus I became "ELITE" and RSVP'd for a fancy wine-tasting at Plumed Horse in Saratoga on Wednesday, April 15th. It was amazing and fun and completely crazy....if you met the people I met. I dragged [ profile] liangzhu along with me to expose her to stuff that is outside of college life. I think I dragged her into some crazy antics and opened up the possibility of the things she could do after that crazy college life is over. Like crazy after-college antics. XD So, we tried free lemon drops with citrus tapioca pearls in martini glasses as well as some of the wines being tasted. We had a few nibbles that we managed to snag like scallops in a fancy spoon. The waiter had someone following him to collect the spoon! AMAZING SERVICE. We kept drinking and drinking on an empty stomach and ended up by the huge fireplace and nibbled on almond meringue cookies as well as madelines with pine nuts. I think we both got to see how Yelpers get down. Oh so classy.

Afterwards, my new friends told me to get our derrieres to Hooters where we met up with two of my Fanime peeps. Who promptly got us lots and lots of tequila shots. Just the way I like 'em. Sadly for [ profile] liangzhu, she and tequila were not quite friends. Maybe friendly enemies. Especially on the night before midterms. So I took a shot or three of tequila, took some pics with the new Yelp crew that I was inducted into, and had some of those infamous Hooter wings. Pretty yummy and a good way to end the night.

Anyways, needless to say I got home pretty late and continued the trend of sleeping about 4 to 5 hours a night. >.>;

Thursday saw me being a busy little bee! I had my nails done for the wedding on Friday. Super pretty! I love it. Then right after my nails were done, I rushed over to Santana Row to catch the national premiere of Beer Wars (Live with Ben Stein!). I thought it was really cool that they were doing a live telecast before and after the movie, holding a live discussion about the movie and so forth. But there was complications and lots of technical difficulties. I ended up getting really motion sick because the cameraman wasn't the most steady and the narrator's voice is kind of droning. :| So I dozed off. >.> But I did learn some interesting facts despite leaving the movie feeling unsure if I was supposed to hate the Big Bad Beer Corporation or Don't Listen to Clever Marketing Work paid by Big Bad Beer Corporation's PR dept and try the local breweries. (Which reminds me, [ profile] zerone45 & Iso, I am still waiting for my Strawberry Abita Beer, y0.).

So with the next set of technical difficulties, we all left to try a brew or two at Roux Louisiana Kitchen. Mainly because the Devil's Cannon beer was 2 bucks a pint. :D And then it devolved into more drunken debauchery. I made some more friends and felt like I was inducted into a group of party animals. Okay, I was totally inducted but it was with beer and they all mocked me mercilessly for nursing it. "I'm a wine-drinker! Not a beer drinker!" I cried. "Pfffffft." They said and promptly bought me hard liquor, Jack & Coke or Rum & Coke. We clanked glasses and I mentally saluted my Lumos girls...esp. since they exactly what I would say when I raised my Rum & coke at them. :D

Friday saw me frantically scrambling to get ready for a wedding. I know, I know. Who gets married on a Friday night? Smart people who use that extra money they saved having the wedding on a Friday instead of a Saturday to have an OPEN BAR. Yup, that's right. OPEN BAR. Time to get our party on.

So we're at the lovely vineyard of Wente and it's gorgeous and everything is blooming. I promptly take an allergy pill and make my way to where the ceremony is. It was a simple and lovely ceremony where the bride was so gorgeous and radiant. I was in awe at how amazing she looked. The reception was equally fun and beautiful. The open bar wasn't my first stop, I must admit. I had stopped by the candy bar to snag a sour coke bottle to nibble on before getting cheese, crackers, and roasted vegetables. THEN, I sipped my drink that my friends got me at the open bar. What? Priorities, y0.

The food was delicious! Lots of vegetables and mashed potatoes and chicken/prime rib to go along with it. They had disposable cameras on each table and my table just had a lot of fun with them. I ended up taking a gazillion pictures with all the cameras people didn't use up! C'mon! It's for their memory book! :D Candid pictures are the best!

All that fun was had by all at the reception was so exciting that I was a bit reluctant to go to the afterparty at the club. But I had fun when I got there even though the club totally sucked! Lesson learned, m'dears. Never go clubbing in the East Bay. Or at least to a club with a shitty dj that doesn't know how to transition right. Those Yelp reviews were totally right!

So my date takes me home and my night took a slight turn for the worse. I got locked out. T_T I could not find my keys for the life of me. But he was nice enough to get us a hotel room (double beds, even!) and we hung a bit longer until I decide to dump everything out. And there were my keys! THANK GOD. I thought I had lost them at the winery or at the club or something! So I go home and craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaashed after taking off all the warpaint.

Saturday, I ended up shopping all day in San Francisco. I got schooled in the art of expensive watches. Just ask Koyamamamama. The watch I eventually fell in love with is worth a trip to Japan for 2 weeks. That includes airfare, JR Pass, and hotel. It's a Tag Heuer. With diamonds. Need I say more? Didn't think so.

I ended up at G3 Lounge to catch a performance from the lead singer I had met at An Cafe's concert. She's super cool and had great energy in the performance. The guitarist wore white makeup and had freaky red contacts on but man, I really dug his guitar skills. The bassist was super laid back and very chill....with awesome hair. What's with the bassists and awesome hair. I totally love that combination. But the PA system at the lounge SUCKED majorly (hint, don't go there!) and the drinks were super expensive!

After that, we headed down to Tiki Lounge in San Jose. Yup. You local cats heard me right. Went from a lounge in SF to another lounge in SJ. Only this time, my baby sister was there celebrating her birthday. First person I saw was my younger brother and so they were all excited I came out to party hard with them. My sister was so cute and totally drunk. :D We all had a lot of fun dancing together and taking a ton of pictures. She was yelling "Family picture!!!!" half the time while the other half she spent beaming and hugging people. Ahahah. I love my siblings. They're so crazy.

Sunday was the Fanime meeting! I've been working super hard to get things done and tie up loose ends but things keep popping up. Such is the way of event planning! Got to meet some of the new staff members and ate a quarter slice of tiramisu cake for [ profile] pimpstress_rei's bday. Then one of the girls said, "Hey, wanna go to The Killers concert tonight?" I paused for half a second to think of all the sleep I was craving and promptly said, "SURE! :Dv"

Thus, I ended up rockin' it at The Killers concert after having pizza and a 1/3 pint of beer. Afterward, I switched it up to Cider because omg, I keep drinking calories and not getting any substance in return! Not even a buzz! :( I think my tolerance has tripled, y0.

It was an awesome concert and it was totally crowded. Hot, hot, hot with lots of fanboy funk and boys stepping on my feet. T_T At least I wore a really cute sundress to the meeting and concert.

Monday and Tuesday, I ended up crashing early. Slept for a good long while. I totally needed that after being on the go for so long! I also think my boxing class last night took the rest of my energy reserves and I was completely out for a good chunk of time. :D Yay for sleep!

Tonight, I'm meeting with my lovely darlings and having a delicious sushi dinner. Then I'll write up my jweb for Thursday before sleeping because I'll be at Nightlife at the Academy of Sciences, enjoying the museum to a great DJ. No one's complained to me about missing two weeks of jweb!Thursday but I sort of like the tradition and I've done it for so long. Do you guys miss it?

So. How are you doing this fine spring? :D Less hectic than me, I hope. One day soon I will actually comment on your posts! Promise!
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