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I've been reading an interesting post on Christmas morning traditions of wrapping or not wrapping presents from Santa.

As I am looking forward to seeing my daughter's eyes light up with excitement when she is old enough, I'm seriously thinking about the traditions the hubby and I want to start with our little family.

When you were growing up, did Santa (if you celebrated Christmas) wrap presents or left them unwrapped? Did you get to open your presents all at once or one at a time? Did everyone take turns unwrapping a present at a time? Is there someone who is designated as the present-passing-out-person? Did you open gifts on Christmas morning or Christmas Eve?

There are lot of different ways to celebrate and I'm contemplating traditions I want to start just for us or traditions that I want to keep. Like a new tradition that we give her 4 presents (1 she wants, 1 she needs, 1 book, 1 to wear) for Christmas and all other presents are from family & friends. Or maybe something different like a stocking full of goodies.

What do you guys think?
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I should post here from time to time, huh? I barely post on LJ as it is but at least this is accessible at work.

Anyways, pregnancy is going well despite the itchiness of PUPPPs and being stressed out at work. Looking forward to maternity leave that starts NEXT FRIDAY, Dec. 30th!!! Ending this year RIGHT and starting out the new year all relaxed and HAPPY and stress-free for the baby!

Just gotta breathe through the next 10 days.

Also, today marks the end of my 33rd week. Only 6 weeks left for baby girl to arrive!
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It's been a hectic time but I am determined to send out Holiday cards!

So if you want one, comment (it will be screened) below! If you want to send me one, let me know and I can PM my address. :)
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oh ho! I am seekritly posting from work now that the ban on lj here has been surprisingly lifted! :D

Hi everyone! *waves* It's been a while since I was on here. Everything is going well and things have been crazy hectic. Well...more hectic than usual!

I'm officially 28 weeks today! Whoooooohoooo! And we're having a lovely baby girl. Hubmeister and I are super excited to meet her and we're just sort of enjoying experiencing this pregnancy together. Although he's a bit tired of constantly rubbing Vitamin E oil on my belly or stopping me from scratching myself raw, he's been taking the time to talk to her and play 80s hi-nrg music. Which she loves and WILL dance to. I've got the internal bruises to show it!

What else have I been up to? Oh, we moved into the Master Bedroom in our house (like, this past weekend!) so I've been spending hours cleaning and packing when I'm not at work or in SF. Pretty excited to start decorating and creating a positive space for us and our baby girl.

I'm also really excited for the holidays. I'm going to put up a post for holiday cards later this week since I'm definitely getting a head start and I found all my holiday cards. I'm trying harder to be better organized at things. So far, so good!

So how are you doing?
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Thank you for all the well wishes! They made me smile gleefully.

Life as a married dame has been uneventful so far. It's still a bit strange to call him my husband or any cute variant of the title (my current favourite is "hubmeister") but we're slowly getting used to it. We do the usual social stuff like birthday parties and family dinners. But I love hanging out with my family and friends.

So far, I've been sleeping a lot lately and just enjoying a slightly slower pace for this cool summer as well as all the delicious summer fruits.

Also, I am now 15 weeks pregnant.

:D How have you been doing this summer?
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It’s amazing to me that within the span of a year, I went through so many ups and downs on a huge emotional rollercoaster.

I was ecstatic to hear that Dad was cancer-free, then it came back, we found our first apt together only to have the N lose his job, giving up our apt., then he accepted another job the day we left for our Euro-trip, he asked my parents for my hand in marriage and proceeded to propose to me in the fabulous and romantic Gardens of Versailles, we came back to the States only to immediately head to Stanford Hospital where Dad was hospitalized for a few days, then deal with the struggles of an aggressive cancer and all its side effects, then lose Dad in his struggle, the arrangements of his funeral, stepping up to take all the responsibilities as head of the household, to dealing with grief, finding normalcy in life without him, to planning our wedding, to getting married a week and a half ago at SF City Hall.

All in the span of a single year.

Crazy, isn’t it? But life is so precious. I’m cherishing every moment of mine.
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It's been a while, hasn't it?

Well the good news is that I'm still here on LJ! I haven't gone anywhere permanent although I do have a DW account (creatively named jemz if you want to find me! :D ) that can be accessed at work.

Anime Central was a lot of fun and very, very different from my experiences at FanimeCon but in a really good way! I was treated like guest royalty and even did some work for the concert. Then came all the drinking! Man, people in Chicago sure like their drinks! ;-)

FanimeCon was a huge success! The MusicFest concert was utterly fantastic and I'm a huge fan of Matsushita Yuya and a bigger fan of FLOW's. Also, gotta brush up on my dancing skills for the Black & White Ball. Everything went really well despite some hiccups which is totally normal.

I had a pretty good rest over the last two months. But I think it's about time I should announce a huge life change. Well, it's not exactly huge but a pretty major one. :D

But I'm no longer single!

As in........I GOT MARRIED. :D

So, um, how's your summer so far? ;-)
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oh hey, I can post from work! :D
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I've been spending the last few months trying to wrap up all the loose ends for FanimeCon.

If y'all don't know, FanimeCon's MusicFest is having Matsushita Yuya and FLOW. I'm pretty excited for this year's guests.

Things have been super hectic since I'm heading off to Anime Central with a few friends. Gonna catch FLOW performing there as well. I'm excited since I haven't been to Chicago yet. Anyone going to Anime Central want to meet up? I promise I don't bite hard!

Once I get back, a few days later will be FanimeCon. Super excited for this year's convention. I hope all this hard work pays off in lots of smiles and hugs and fantastic times for all the members who come!

Anyways, I should probably start thinking of packing instead of doing more FanimeCon work. My eyes are beginning to cross!

Also, I've started reading manga on Maxi (my iPad2) with a cool app. Any suggestions for manga? I want to download a bunch to read on the plane rides to and from Chicago!
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I'm super behind on everything but life has been super busy!

I've helped out with a charity event with some of my favorite Fanimaid Cafe girls. Did a ton of venue tours for my wedding. Working like crazy! Been trying to cook more often. RSVP'd for 2 more weddings (that's a total of 4 for the year!). Did lots of pushups and situps. Worked on FanimeCon for days. Visited Dad on his birthday (April 1). Did more wedding stuff. Found a pair of seriously sexy heels while shopping for wedding shoes.


Hopefully I can get back to posting on a regular basis again! Hope everyone is doing well. <3
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Like many of my awesome friends, I've posted a few listings for [ profile] help_japan.

I'm offering a Northern California box of goodies and a year of postcards!

Here's a quick listing of what my fabulous friends-list are offering!

Interesting Stuff
[ profile] iverin is offering RP App Beta/Consultation, several Bath & Body Works grab bag, hand knit, fluffy scarves, and REPO! Opera Ticket.
[ profile] musikologie is offering a box of Hawaiian goodies.
[ profile] liangzhu is offering 1000 paper cranes.
[ profile] wook77 is offering Star Trek Cross stich 1, Star Trek Cross Stich 2, a goodie box from Arizona, postcards for a year.
[ profile] pashoshi is offering handmade Kanjani8 t-shirts.
[ profile] mylachod is offering 2 hand dyed scarves.
[ profile] peculiaritea is offering quilted throw pillowcases.
[ profile] shinigamitabris is offering w-inds. memories set.
[ profile] impynymph is offering Handmade Kanjani8 figures.

[ profile] elyndys is offering British tea package.
[ profile] airairo is offering Japanese candy.
[ profile] pastdazed is offering 2 dozen Moonscape Bars and 2 dozen handmade truffles.

[ profile] liangzhu is offering 1 set consisting of a layout header + wallpaper + profile-sized graphic + 1-5 icons*.
[ profile] pixisticks is offering a set of 15 (minimum) icons.

[ profile] elyndys is offering K8 fic of at least 1500 words.
[ profile] pashoshi is offering a fic of 1000 word min.
[ profile] stirfried_lies is offering 2 5000 word fics [1] [2].
[ profile] pinkpapyrus is offering 3 2000 word min fics.
[ profile] helicopter_sky is offering 2 2000 word min fics
[ profile] peroxidepest17 is offering a fic of 1000 word min.
[ profile] wrangler is offering 3 fics of 2000 word min.
[ profile] spurious is offering fic of 1000 word min.
[ profile] fictionalaspect is offering fic of 5000 word min.
[ profile] beren_writes is offering fic of a 2000 word min.
[ profile] reiicharu is offering fic.
[ profile] virdant is offering fic of a 1000 word min.
[ profile] airairo is offering fic of 1000 word min.
[ profile] pir8fancier will beta any fic.
[ profile] furiosity is offering original fic, meta/essay of any topic of choice, beta service, editing services, and a set of 5 stick figure drawings
[ profile] ky_rin is offering 5000 word fic.
[ profile] wook77 is offering fic of 1000 word min.
[ profile] shinigamitabris is offering a fic of 1000 word min.

[ profile] furiosity and [ profile] reposoir are doing this: "For every dollar raised by [ profile] help_japan collectively, I will write one word of fic. And for every $1 donated by my flisters, I will write an additional 100 words."

Also, the [ profile] a_ra_shi community is gathering supplies to send to Second Harvest Japan, so if you can't afford to give monetarily, then send what unused stuff you have! This is open to everyone so you don't have to love the awesome boys of Arashi to donate!

Let me know if you got an offer up and I'll update on my list!
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It's not news that I've been really busy. I've been working on lots of things! But hooray for bullet heart points!

♥ FanimeCon's first musical guest was announced last week! If you haven't checked out Matsushita Yuya's music, check it out! He has some really catchy tunes and nice dance moves!

♥ Work has been really busy. I'm learning lots of coding stuff. Enough to make me dizzy!

♥ FanimeCon has occupied a good chunk of my free time. But I love meeting days in that I get to see everyone and hang out. I like feeling that we're all working to make a great convention and that we care about what we are doing.

♥ Lent! I've decided to give up refined white sugar, meat, and negativity! I think the last one is the hardest but the Lenten season, to me, is about sacrifice and self-improvement! I think there's been a lot of negativity in my life recently and I'm dwelling way too much on it. I'm just going to accept it and push forward with optimisim.

♥ The fiance and I are doing well! Wedding plans are going slow since I'm sort of planning on some major events at a big anime convention.

♥ I've started working out again! Gotta fit into MY wedding dress for MY wedding!!! Heee, I enjoy writing that.

♥ I learned how to make French Macarons. Mmmmm. Sweet and delicious. I need to practice making more.

♥ I want to have pretty nails like [ profile] snowqueenofhoth and [ profile] mousapelli but....precious time! D: Maybe I can schedule time to do it into my schedule....

♥ Fiance is addicted to Rick Steves' travel shows. He has it on while working. lol.

♥ I got an Android phone! I miss shigedex's (a blackberry curve) buttons. This touchscreen thing is sort of not handy when I am trying to find things without looking at the phone. D: But the apps are shiny.

♥ My hair is getting longer and I really want to cut it super short but I also want to keep it semi-long for the wedding. And I don't really like cutting off my long hair without being able to donate it to Locks of Love. So I'm just making D: faces at it right now. I will probably chop it short after the wedding (WHICH IS HAPPENING NEXT YEAR) but for now tiny trims is all I can satisfy myself with.

♥ *HUGS ALL OF YOU* Stay awesome, flist! <3
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I'm surprised at myself for not announcing this on my journal yet!

will perform at MusicFest @ FanimeCon 2011

It will be his first performance in the United States and we're very excited to have him at FanimeCon. Keep checking FanimeCon for exciting updates!

Major kudos to my MusicFest staff for doing such a great job!
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Konbachiwa, minna-san!

Today was a good day.

It rained rain, then was cloudy cloud, and then bright and sunny sun sun !

And we had a big announcement arrowuparrowup. Our first musical guest! Yuya Matsushita will be coming to FanimeCon!! :D:D:D

Great news, ne!? I was filled with great excitement sparklessparklessparkles I love announcing our musical guests. :DD It makes me excited to see everyone's excited reaction!! It fills me with high tension!! arrowuparrowup

So I must work harder and try my best! I hope all of you come and enjoy the concert. melodymelodymelody

Sweet dreams, minna-san! I know I will. sleepy
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Konbachiwa, minna-san!

I was so busy last week that I forgot my jweb, ne. ^_^;; But I will try better at updating!thumbsup

But I had a good weekend! It was Valentine's day, ne? heart1 I was well loved. hearts My fiance brought me flowers littlediamondcherryblossom. He gave them to me the day before Valentine's Day since that was the day we met two years ago. lovely Little did I know that this man I met at the club would become my future husband. :DD

What about your Valentine's Day, minna-san!? Was it filled with love? heartshearts Did you tell your loved ones that you love them? sparklesheartssparkleslovely

Now I've been really busy!! So many things to do!;O;

But I am enjoying the rain right now rain. The skies are so cloudy cloud and sometimes the sun peeks out sun and spits hail along with sunshine. mist. It's a bit strange but I enjoy it. Something unique, ne?

But now it's bedtime! Oyasuminasai, minna-san!!
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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!!

I <3 you.

P.S. Will catch up on last week's jweb soooooon!
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Konbanwa, minna-san!!

I have been really sore! thumbsup It's a good feeling though.sweat

I am challenging myself with pushups and crunches! I joined a challenge with some friends to do these every day for a whole year!! ^_^;; We start at 50 pushups (25 pushups for ladies) and 50 crunches. Then it goes up one every day!! It's been 3 days but so far so good! My energy is up arrowuparrowuparrowuparrowuparrowup

But no matter how hard these pushups are, I won't give up punch2

What are you challenging yourself with? soccertennisgolfbaseballsnowboardfujisanwave2

Let's work hard together!!
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Konbanwa, minna-san!

It's been an exciting week!! I rode on scary shocku rollercoasters tegoshidesu and ate lots of food onigiribreadbananas thumbsup and cried teardrop at a magical wedding!! gem

It was a good way to spend my birthday! present The fiance gave me a cute ^_^ card and an apple gift card!! New apple something, here I come! phone3 computer :D

But now jemz-chan is back to planning things! Like a wedding!!!!!! It makes me all HIGH TENSION! arrowuparrowuparrowup Hopefully, I can reuse arrowround some things and "not go over budget"!! Which is really hard to do anger ^_^;;

But GANBARIMASUarrowuparrowup I will work hard on making my dream wedding come true!! peacenosign
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Konbanwa, minna-san!

It's almost time for sleepy but I'm still awake! *O*

All day, I was looking forward to going to sleepy so that tomorrow would come faster!

What's going on tomorrow, you ask!?

Fiance and I are going to Disneyland!! :DD Good friends are getting married so we are going to have some fun! lightbulb

But no big roller coasters for me tegoshidesu :( I don't like them!! Scary impact

It will be fun no matter what we do thumbsup

So instead of sleeping right now, I'm packing shoe lipstick

So excited! arrowuparrowup arrowup arrowup Kyaaa!

But off to finish packing and on to sleeping sleepy ! We are flying tomorrow! plane

Oyasuminasai, minna-san!! heart1
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Happy New Year bell , minna-san!

I've decided that it's the return of j-web Thursdays!!

I missed writing in my journal document1 and thought this was a good way to start again peacenosign

I will try my best to write more arrowup
thumbsup I've been bad, ne? ^_^;; But I hope everyone will still read my journal :D

New Year always brings new goals. Sometimes, the same goals happen again! One year, I said I wanted more sleep sleepy but I completely failed at that. ._.;;

So this year, my goal is to writepen at least every Thursday!

There's so much to do this year but starting with simple goals is a good sparkles way to be motivated!!

What are your goals for the new year? pencil ear


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