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It's been a while, hasn't it? I know I failed miserably with the picture series. I actually had enough for 3 days and then I became incredibly busy during FanimeCon that I kept forgetting to take a picture. Plus, I changed my outfits so often that I would forget what I wore.

Exhaustion was my name at the end of it all. Seriously. But things went really well and I'll try to type up something on the ride down to SLO to see [ profile] etoilenoir959 "gradumacate" with her degrees.

For now, I'm in the middle of de-compressing from the last two months or so. Curling up for some dramas or Food Network sounds fantastic for the next few evenings.

But for now, excuse me. I've got a date with a pillow, some blankets, and my bed.
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Still alive here!

I wanted to talk about a few things, wrap up my crazy month of April, and talk about my crazier month of May.

But I'm back from New Jersey safely after missing my flight on Sunday. Got to see [Bad username or site: marksykins title=marksy @] get hitched and nearly shed a tear or two. Got [Bad username or site: illumination title=Dichan @] drunk. :Dv Ate some delicious food and had a blast with [Bad username or site: mousapelli title=mousaPi @], [Bad username or site: longleggedgit title=Linds @], [Bad username or site: illumination title=Dichan @], and [Bad username or site: marksykins title=marksy @]!

and then I came home and dived into a huge pile of Fanime emails.

but I have to run! As [Bad username or site: jackoweskla title=Koyamamamamama @] put it, I'm currently dealing with swine-flu related misfortunes. :(
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Oh hey, look who is online again!? Yup. That's right. ME!!! *happy dance*

Which isn't to say that I haven't exactly been without internet connection since I last posted in the warm lobby of the Hilton Seattle where I was enjoying Sakura-Con with some fantastic friends and making new ones. I've had internet......on my blackberry (aka Shige-Dex). I just haven't had time to make a post!

So what's new/happening/exciting in my life in the past two weeks?

I'm so glad you asked! )

So. How are you doing this fine spring? :D Less hectic than me, I hope. One day soon I will actually comment on your posts! Promise!
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Konbachiwa, minna-san!

I've been working really hard lately!

After spending a lovely time in New Orleans with [ profile] bloodybrilliant & [ profile] zerone45, I flew plane back home. It was back to work for me. So much to do! document1

I panicked for a bit ^_^;;. Things are really stressful !! anger But I am trying my best to fight the stress. punch2 Hopefully my stress will not explode. bomb

One stress-relief is that I've been working out arrowup Lots of yoga. :D I like the stretching and put my hands on the floor! tegoshidesu But tonight I tried a new dance class called Zumba! It's a lot of fun!! Lots of hip movements. sparkles It was fun sun

Hopefully, working hard will pay off soon. Ganbarimasu y0!!
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Right now, jemz-chan is a bit tipsy!! I drank a bit too much sake at the karoake bar and not enough onigirihamburger to make sure I didn't get this tipsy.

But things are going well! My tomodachi is working through things and I am feeling arrowup and thumbsup for her. Today was a bit ;O; but we worked through things and now things are looking arrowup for her!

Minna-san, are you going to Azkatraz!? I am really looking forward to seeing everyone there! Koyamamamamama, Beth, Spunk!, Di, F, crys, iris, liz, tom, glock, SHABZ, tracy & sexts, Pir8fancier, dramedy, and everyone else! I'm really excited even though it is 5 months away!

Maa, there are lots of things that I'm looking forward to but that is definitely one of them!!!

Also, Omedettou tanjoubi to Iso. <3 I will see you in a month and we'll totally celebrate!!! I <3 you!

I hope this entry turns out coherent! I don't really like drinking beer and drinking sake bombs tonight is making my head spin just a little bit. sleepy

Minna-san, have a wonderful weekend, okay? I know mine will be eventful!
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Still sick. Wah.

Also, lost Teppei (my 80GB iPod) somewhere in LA which makes me SADFACE a lot because I am completely attached to it and I feel like a piece of me is missing somewhere.

I've dropped my Japanese class for the quarter because I want to concentrate on getting healthy before turning my attention elsewhere. And with my workaholic tendencies, I think this will be a slight struggle.

I totally want to stay in bed all day today but off to work I go.
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It's been a hectic week filled with fun!

Last Thursday I flew to Los Angeles to help out with Anime Los Angeles. Met some awesome people! [ profile] hazelchaz, [ profile] ala_mokita, Pearl, Patrick, and Evan! Was drinking every night of the weekend with the last three and [ profile] seshat! Twas fab! Also managed to get myself some lovely minions by the names of [ profile] karinberry, [ profile] koneho, and Steve. LOL. Fantastic times. I've never really had minions before but they were so awesome and I love them all. And Kon is absolutely adorable...just like [ profile] karinberry had told me! :D I also may have accepted a promotion. STOP LAUGHING. It'll be less stress! Or so I'm told! :D Way less people than Fanime!

Also, [ profile] kenaressa is coming back down for Fanime! SO EXCITED!!!!

Then it was back to work and try to do Fanime prep all week for the meeting on Sunday. I flailed over hot, hot Jin pictures and made a date with [ profile] nihongofrancais to pick me up from the airport on Sunday.

Because I'm flying down to LA again on Saturday morning for the wrap up meeting for Anime LA. Meetings all day long. Then fly back the next morning in time for Fanime meetings all day long. Yup, a weekend full of meetings! I'm so far behind on being organized! D:

On top of that, I caught a chest cold. I'm mostly over it but am slightly congested and slept a LOT yesterday. About 15 hours worth. Took a small nap today. I'm totally bringing a ton of cough meds and tea with me down south. Or as I told Evan, who also caught a cold, I'm bringing the herbal tea, he's bringing the drugs. XD Am currently blogging while watching [ profile] rightsock, [ profile] damiri, [ profile] yzo, and [ profile] rogue_ravnos all play Rock Band 2.

It's all great fun just hanging out and I wish my new friends from So.Cali was up here with me to rock out. Of course, I'll see Steve again on Sunday and tease him horribly....just for Kon. But a weekend of Anyone up for some sake afterwards?

Edit: [ profile] rogue_ravnos is liquoring me up quite nicely! :D I've got an x-rated drink in hand. YUM.
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Last night, I

~ had a great dinner with fantastic friends
~ teased [ profile] karberry's husband. He has a new nickname of "NICKLE KITTY"
~ was sad that Mike and [ profile] karberry didn't feel well enough to go out to the Castro.
~ made a face at my phone's dying battery
~ danced my tush off
~ got hit by an ugly man who was nowhere near as good looking with a hook nose as Alan Rickman. And really, a velvet jacket in a club full of hot, gyrating bodies? -_-
~ got super tipsy! 2 double shots of Patron, some horribly strong Cap'n Morgan and Coke, half of something else, a blueberry kamikaze shot with an adorable and flirty bar boy (taken without hands! What? They were in test tubes!)
~ watched some boys shake their tush in jockstraps, touching themselves in many, many different ways.
~ was told that my boobs were asymmetrical. ARE THEY REALLY?!!??! :O
~ umm...forgot my dead cell phone in Kachang's car. Oops. ^_^;;

Now I'm late for something but hey, I just wanted to share how utterly FAIL I am.

Ta ta, lovelies! Back to San Francisco to shop and then party at Asia SF.
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I have work at 4am tonight and I can't fall asleeeeeep.


What's your method of falling asleep when you can't?
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*flops* sleepy

Life has taken a rather hectic turn. Well, more hectic than usual. :-P

phone3 Work has increased and I find myself staying longer and longer or working on Saturdays just to be able to keep up and breathe above water. My coworker is recovering nicely from his heart surgery but I will be most relieved when he is back in the office mid-September. Until then, let's see how well I can balance the increase of work with everything else.

document1 I've taken to writing to do lists lately. And then fail at finishing half of them. Like practicing my hiragana. But I've been working on [ profile] karberry & kuya's wedding stuff and the fun joint bridal party invitations are looking cute. I still need to finish more of them and get the addresses to send them off but I am enjoying the theme so far. :D "Sweet & Sour Soiree" is what the party is called. I've got a few recipes to try out!

eyes I had a list of things I wanted to talk about but I forgot. face26

Oh, I remember!

rice I've been eating a lot recently. So many parties and bachelorette parties and meet ups and fooooood!!! But I am being good and started working out again. I started out slow and just walked but I'm hoping that I can keep up and hit the gym every day so I can fit into that dress. I'm also back to that no refined sugar diet I was on last year. I found it helped a lot!

snowman [ profile] je_holiday signups are closed and man, I was bouncing in excitement when it closed. 106 people signed up! SO EXCITING. Now, I have to schedule time to work on the assignments with Beth since work has stepped up it's frenzy. Let's hope I don't fall over in exhaustion by the time this week is out.

baseball I'm sad the Olympics are over. But I am looking forward to the Winter Olympics. :D

magnify I started playing more with my makeup after reading [ profile] koneho's beauty/makeup posts. I have so much MAC makeup! But my color palette is not very diverse. It's all blues, purples, and greens. Neutral? What's that? ^_^;;

book1 Also, I have a project for next year. I'm going to scrapbook a journal of my travels. Especially since my goal of exploring California next year in lieu of a big overseas trip.

soon I miss having free time. Wandering around Michael's for supplies to make the invitations made me want to pick up my arts&crafts hobbies again.

clock wahhh. I feel like I'm forgetting something and the clock is working against me.

bell I don't know if I want expensive jewelry or another trip more right now. Tiffany's or Carmel?

arrowround I'm also feeling a bit useless. All this time has gone by and what exactly have I accomplished? I should ponder this with over a glass of pinot noir.
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[ profile] shabzilla wants you all to know that I just pierced her ear. With a Japanese self-piercer.

I feel that we are like Yamapi, Jin, and Kame when they pierced each other's ears.
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So, I have no clue what I wrote in the last post but I was tired and tipsy and we had a total adventure in FAIL. XD

I had fun. XD

anyways, we're off to Odaiba!
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*cues jemz laughing madly at her*
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The adventures of jemz and mousaPi (ie. the grand adventures in fail)

YAY! We are safely landed in Japan. Not much going on yet but we had a lovely time gabbing with [ profile] ilanabean42 and her friend, Meaghan. Then we met up with [ profile] alissa at their terminal while I was on the phone with [ profile] bloodybrilliant. We passed her around like a h0 (which she totally admits that she likes) and said happy goodbyes to Ilana, Meaghan, and Alissa before heading over to our own terminal.

It was just enough that we didn't have to wait too long before boarding our own flight to Tokyo. It was fun. The flight was long and we tried to sleep. Key word is try. But I have swollen ankles to prove I made it through the pressurized flight and every time I glanced over at mousaPi, she would either do one of the following: wiggle in glee, say whoo hoo, or stare like hamster at me and then looked away. I think her guinea pig has been giving her lessons in staring. :/

"Watch out, jemz. I'm going to be watching you from outside your capsule." states MousaPi who's sitting next to me (reading over my shoulder).

Big words from her. But it's really cute how she's so excited to just be in Japan that it fuels my own excitement! We made it through the immigration, customs, currency exchange, and the ticket counter for the Keisei Skyliner only to be balked at the cell phone counters. I did not want to go to the fourth floor of the mall to slap more money on the pre-paid phone I borrowed. Oh well. Maybe in Akihabara we will find a store and get that handled. :D

Our adventures have started and I'm looking forward to the next 10 days, both of ultimate coolness and utter fail. MousaPi already has a head start. She made some random Japanese man trip over his feet. :D Way to go, Pi.

Anyways, Ryohei-top is out of batteries. More to come when we arrive at the futuristic Capsule Inn in Akihabara. I feel strange things will be occuring tonight.

Okay, so my battery died on the Ryohei-top. But we're at the Capsule Inn now and up on the top floor in the women's lounge trying to get internet on our laptops. Sadly, we are currently failing.

mousaPi wants to say we're alive and I just want to check my email. I miss everyone already and it's pretty warm here. The humidity is like a slap in the face when we walked out of Ueno Keisei station to cross the street to the JR Ueno station. The sky sprinkled fat raindrops on us. It was sprinkling when we arrived at the Capsule Inn as well.

The Capsule Inn is pretty nifty. The capsules aren't as small as I originally thought they were (I get a touch caustrophobic) and they really are pretty cool. Our pods are next to each other and we took dorktastic pictures to me laughing, "Oh hey! It's mousaPI in a POD!"

So now we're just chilling and I am elevating my swollen ankles in a poor attempt to get them to stop being swollen. This happened last yearr too. Sadly, they hurt. D:

Okay, off to see [ profile] shimmeredusk and have dinner! Yay!
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Let's start off with my To-Do list!

Things to do before Japan!
* Omiage for meeting. Don't let me forget, mousaPi! Bought and Packed!
* Laundry & packing!
* Finish printing out directions and map routes for the shinkansen
* Call hair stylist for hair cut. I have red highlights! And bought some hair care stuff for it!
* Withdraw cash.
* Finish research for Japan.
* Confirm with Casey, meeting at Shin Yokohama Station
* Finish[ profile] jesummary for the week. I AM FREEEEEEEEEEE!
* GO TO TEN BILLION BBQ's on FRIDAY. Party that night.
* Watch fandom stuff! TOMAAAAAA!!!!! RIIIIIDAAAAAAA!!!!!!
* Finish dl'ing music and upload to iPod. I am craving R&B. Got Ne-Yo's album? Chris Brown? thanks, Tia love! Also, I HAVE w-inds.' NEW ALBUM!!!!! heart1heart1heart1heart1heart1
* Try not to work on Fanime stuff! July = rest period!
* Print out bridal invites on vellum. Buy green ribbon and cheesy stickers.
* Reply to comments. Err. I'm bad. :(
* Dinner with Peyton and MousaPi! Vietnamese fooooods on Tuesday.
* Pedicure with MousaPi on Wednesday!

So there really isn't much for me to talk about other than MY REALLY AWESOME HAIR. I did red highlights and they are totally rad in the sunlight. I had to buy new hair care stuff for it but OMG. SO WORTH IT. :Dv I'll upload pictures when I'm done packing and stuff.

Also, I just got new studs for my piercings. White Gold. Totally expensive but I am hoping they are worth it. I've been reacting to the surgical steel post and hoop that I have. Hopefully the new posts will be enough to calm my body down from the metal allergy and heal enough so I can sleep on my side again!!! They are totally sexy. :D I am just waiting for the shiny, sparkly rhinestone gem to come it to match my other one.

Wheeee! I need to post pictures of the care package I got from [ profile] jackoweskla and [ profile] iverin (or Seekrit Agent Nishikido and Seekrit Agent Higashiyama) !!!! SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU BOTH. I know I flailed at you the day I got it but omg, must flail again! It made me feel so loved. heart1

Thanks to [ profile] nerdinside for the lovely flowers! I haven't forgotten! We will have to do lunch when I come back from Japan!

Anyways, let's do a meme so I have something to babble about on the plane. :D Cheerfully from [ profile] jackoweskla

1. It begins with a list of all 26 letters of the alphabet.
2. Comment with something you want me to talk about that starts with one of those letters. Choose whatever letters. I don't care which ones.
3. One topic per letter.
4. I will make a new post talking about all 26 topics given to me!


A - Aquascaping
B - Bridesmaid
C - California
D -
E -
F - Fashion
G -
H - Hentai
I -
J - Jin XD
K -
L -
M -
N -
O -
P - Pomegranites
Q -
R - Rhythm
S -
T - Time
U -
V -
W -
X -
Y -
Z -
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Today, everyone, was a mostly good and somewhat bad. -_-

Work had a huge a emergency situation that was resolved but it took a lot of time to clean it up. downarrow My tension was raised a bit. arrowup But I was waiting to be able to work, I took some time to relax and read some interesting articles. I want to improve my mind! lightbulb

Then I was super busy in the afternoon. punch2 Catching up on things. arrowup The tension was still raised! Yabai! ._.;;

But dinner was delicious as always with my lovely cousins and nieces. Time spent with them is something I cherish!! hearts My energy is renewed when I am with them! I am completely refreshed. sparkles Plus, it amused me to know that my eldest cousin loves Kame and her daughter loves Jaejoong. I feel very at home since jemz-mama and I discuss music and dramas all the time. tv wink

Just need a good night's rest and I will be completely energized! Soon, I will be able to tackle everything I need to do before flying to Japan on Thursday!

AH! I FORGOT! Must do something right away!

But I am glad I remembered what I forgot to do earlier. punch2 I will work hard until my vacation!

P.S. Who's up for a Tokyo meetup on July 19th for lunch? Ilana, Sarah, Alissa, Ciara, Korea, Rachel, Laura, and Teej? Come join MousaPi, Shabz, and I for lunch! :D
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Today, my world was very clumzy. I kept knocking thing over and spilling things on myself.teardrop Not the best feeling but I will keep trying hard not to bump into things. punch2

But I got to eat a delicious mealonigiri and felt refreshed with some good friends.

The sky is getting less hazy. I've gotten several chances to see a red sun recently.sun I hope the fires will die out soon. The smoke is beginning to hurt my head.

Mmm...time to sleep now.sleepy Oyasumi!
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been asleep for hours now, recovering from the madness.

I'm not ready to go back to the real world. :/

Can't I sleep some more?


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