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Day One

So where did I leave off? Oh yes, meeting Teej. We waited for about 15 minutes before finding [ profile] shimmeredusk. We had thought we missed each other and my pre-paid phone wasn't working. I was about to look for a payphone to call her but luckily we bumped into each other and I went, "TEEJ!!!" and she went, "JEMZ!" and we hugged with big goofy smiles before I introduced her to MousaPi. :D

Then we went off on a mini-adventure to "top off" my pre-paid phone. That was fun! We went around to a few AU stores and finally found one (I don't remember the name but it's HUUUUUUGE). We had one of the AU representatives activate it for us after a few minutes of fumbling on it. She was nice enough to switch it to English for me. So kind!

After that, we went on a mission for food! Headed down the main street with all the duty free shops and the Animate store, we ended up at a tempura noodle shop. I ate some cold soba with tempura while MousaPi and Teej ate Tempura and rice. :D Yum!

We tooled around after dinner, hitting up the gatcha machines and picking up a few of them as well as the August Arena37c with Tohoshinki on the front cover and the latest Oricon Style. Teej really wanted ice cream ("It's THREE scoops for the price of TWO", she said in a really adorable English accent.) and so we headed to Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors to get their "Challenge the Triple". I ended up with all sorbets (Pink Grapefruit & Sorbet, Grape Sorbet, and Cream Soda) and they were so refreshing in the midst of the humidity. It was funny because we all ended with Cream Soda on top and totally loving it!

Then we parted ways and MousaPi and I headed to our pod inn to crash.

MousaPi woke me up at 5am (after we stayed up until midnight.....I like to adjust quickly!) and we got ready to head out to Tsukiji Fish Market. It was a really cool place to go to! Lots of fish everywhere and lots of little carts going super fast everywhere and lots of people everywhere. We ended up at a stall that had fresh sashimi over vinegared rice because I've been wanting to have fresh fish for breakfast ever since I've heard about the market. SO GOOD!!!!! It was really yummy! While we were waiting, I noticed one of the signature boards they had hanging up and it was signed by Wentz Eiji of WaT!!! :D That made me smile. That and the faces mousaPi made when the shrimp heads stared at her. XD

After breakfast at Tsukiji and gawking at Tsukiji Honganji (this huge Buddhist temple on the Hibiya Metro Line), we went back to our pod hotel to pack and check out. Then it was on towards Yokohama and our hotel at the Shin-Yokohama Prince Hotel.

We made fantastic time and was earlier than my original schedule. We used the time wisely and activate our JR Rail Passes for tomorrow and get reserved seats to tomorrow's Kanjani8 concert at the Sun Dome in Fukui. Got [ profile] snowqueenofhoth her ticket as well and then we were off to our hotel to check in....

...only to get totally got lost. We ended up in front of Yokohama Arena on this little overpass bridge and wondering where the entrance to our hotel was! We were totally looking at it (and it's such a nice building). We ended going through the Prince Pepe Mall and it's totally connected to it. So we left our luggage at the desk and waited for Casey to meet up with us.

It was nice to sit down for a while. Then Casey and his friend Koh met up with us and off to the Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum we went! Humidity slapped us in the face as we walked outside but lunch was calling us! The Ramen Museum is super cool!!! It had a ton of recreated memorialbilia around and eight ramen stalls. We went to Fukuchan and it was delicious!!! We were merrily slurping our ramen away in the midst of the busy store. Afterwards, we treated ourselves to an ice pop and wandered around the rest of the museum, getting some candy and gazing at the souvenirs.

After all that, mousaPi and I parted ways with Casey and Koh (and after some discussion about Fanime!) and headed back to our hotel to check in. After we did that, we bumped into Brazil's women's soccer team heading up to their rooms and waved at them as some of the people there were totally fangirling them.

Our hotel room came with it's own bathroom and omg, it was a luxury. That and the AC! I soaked in the tub for a bit as did mousaPi. We rested up for the w-inds. concert, lounging in our nicely air conditioned room. Then we got ready. XD

We left to find our way there, finding a pair of adorable older ladies who were headed the same way we were. I admit we totally followed them when we were doubtful of where to go. :Dv We did find our way to Pacifico Yokohama and let me tell you, it is a gorgeous, gorgeous venue. It is by the ocean and just so pretty that I wanted to hang around and just stare at towards the bay.

Okay, the w-inds. concert is absolutely awesome. They did some of my favorite songs!

I'm pretty sleepy but here's the setlist + a few comments!

w-inds. 2008.07.12 PacificoYokohama Concert Set List

Intro - Lots of green laser lights with w-inds. and 7th Ave.!

Spinning Round - They came out in white outfits! Ryohei was totally grooving!

Love is the Greatest Thing - I love this song! It was a bit off-key at some points but omg, the dance sequence and then they did it backwards the following chorus!

SHINING STAR - Absolutely FUN to watch! The boys were acting like they were being stalked by the paparazzi (aka the dancers with cameras) and were just all *rockstar poses*!
New Day

RELOADED - Another fun one where they were all split up with mic stands! Ryohei was on the right, Keita on the left, and Ryuichi in the middle. Ryohei was totally grooving and Ryuichi didn't even use the stand. Keita and Ryuichi eventually switched places.

Izayoi no Itsuki - They switched places because Ryuichi sits down to play his guitar! It's a pretty intro because there's a piano solo that's a bit jazzy and then Keita rises up on the upper stage and Ryohei struts out from the right side (minus jacket! :D ). Then they sing this beautiful, beautiful version and I was super flaily!

- MC 1 - Introductions and where is everyone from!?!

one love So pretty! I love this B-side so much. I'm really glad to see them perform it!

Hello Another slow song. Ryohei and Ryuichi sit down on the two steps and sing along with Keita, who's totally soulfully singing as a VTR full of plants are shown.

- Dance Sequence - Totally COOL because Keita has a new dance! Granted, there are lots of powerful pumping moves and a few moments where Keita flexes his muscles but he was wearing a blank tank to and just looked really hot. Then out comes Ryohei with his beanie and gets the crowd going before breakdancing. He was totally awesome! He goes up and the dancers hold up a side of cage and he's behind it. They raise a sheet and he disappears. Then out comes Ryuichi from behind the cage to dance to a more jazzy r&b beat. *___* Then the dancers danced one by one to different beats until Ryohei and Ryuichi came out with a long hooded jacket and danced with the last two dancers. Then off came the jacket and everyone screamed! Black outfits with hats! Then Keita came out and everyone screamed louder.

I'm a Man This song makes me laugh but we were on our feet and grooving to the beat! Yes, Keita, we all know you're a man!

Urban Dance Another dance song!!!

Pearl Dance OMG. THIS IS WHERE I LOST IT AND BECAME SUPER FLAILY HAPPY. Because this is one of my favorite songs by them. IT WAS SO GOOD. OMG. *FLAILS* SO HAPPY!!!

Boogie Woogie 66 :D They made the crowd sing along! And there was lots of hip wiggling!

- MC 2 -

Beautiful Life <333 So much love!

Ame Ato <333333333 I really love this single! It's so pretty!


Tokyo One of my favorites on the new album! I was totally grooving the entire time they were singing this song! ALSO, VTR OF their CHIBI PICTURES!!! And of the dancers and band!

Winter Story Oh, man! It took us a while to remember the name of this song but everyone sang along! It was so awesome to hear so many rare songs being performed!

- MC 3 -

Don't Give Up We won't give up!!! :D

Semishigure God, this song is one of my most played on the THANKS album! <333

The ending was a bit weird and not as hyped up as last year. It sorted of just ended with the introduction of the dancers and band members. But there was an adorable moment where Keita introduced Ryohei with "Ryohei!" and then Ryohei introduced Ryuichi with a "etoooooo.........*pause to stare at Ryuichi*.....Ryu-chan!" and Ryuichi grinned at that before going "Kei-chan!" to everyone screaming. And as they were leaving Ryuichi had his hand on Ryohei's back while Leader was bowing deeply to the crowd. And then Ryohei was the last one, waving goodbye and bowing. Totally being Leader and utterly "sugoi" as Ryuichi and Keita called him during the 2nd and 3rd MCs.

And then as we left the venue, we saw a Ryohei fanboy dancing to w-inds. music and breaking. It was really adorable and made us smile as we left. It was a good time and now we're (finally!) back at our hotel and repacking everything so we can head off to Fukui and the Kanjani8 concert without delay!

Date: 2008-07-12 04:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm supicious that Keita is actually a man. >.>

You two are having such an awesome time, I'm jealous!! :D Keep us updated! *snuggles*

Date: 2008-07-13 02:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
What an awesome way for you to start out your Japan 2008 trip ^_^

Date: 2008-07-13 06:52 am (UTC)
ext_75891: (Default)
From: [identity profile]
Wheee! Am so glad you arrived safely, and that you are having what sounds like an amazing time. The w-inds concert sounds absolutely brilliant, and I hope you have just as much fun at the Kanjani8 concert!

Enjoy yourselves, and take care!



Date: 2008-07-13 11:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
ahhhh! i am so happy for you that they did pearl dance! :DDDD

i'm a man was awesome, no? the hat-nod thing *____*


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