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♥ It's almost Valentine's Day and I just wanted to let you, my wonderful flist, know that I ♥ you!

♥ BF is sick again. This time with a head cold. I'm trying really hard not to catch it while nursing him back to health. What is it with guys being the biggest baby when sick?!

♥ Snow. I ain't got none. Sorry, east coasters. You stole all the snow from Vancouver.

♥ Speaking of Vancouver, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE WINTER OLYMPICS. MY FAVORITE TIME. Figure Skating, HALF PIPE, Speed Skating. YES.

♥ Homemade baked tortilla chips with guacamole. OM NOM NOM NOM.

♥ Lunar New Year is the same day as Valentine's Day. So this weekend, I spent all day Saturday with BF and his mommy. In Chinatown. Doing what BF & I jokingly call "Chinese Wife Training" aka follow his mom all around Chinatown and learn how to shop like an old Chinese lady.

♥ I'm hopeless addicted to Gardening Mama on the DS. Send help. Or some giant strawberries.

♥ Stay tuned for an announcement on Valentine's Day for FanimeCon's MusicFest! I'm super excited. :D
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Totally miserable right now.

I caught the boy's stomach flu. Am so sore everywhere.

but at least I'm not working another 12 hour day today.
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it really sucks when you're out having fun and being busy and all of sudden you just toss all your cookies.

i really hate throwing up.

too bad, i know that feeling way too intimately and totally involuntarily.
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Konbachiwa, minna-san!

I hope everyone is staying warm. snowman It's been very cold here. And rainy! mistboltmist I've been carrying my umbrella a lot at the beginning of the week.

Then I caught a cold.downarrow My energy immediately went down downarrowdownarrowdownarrow And all I could do was sleepy. For clock and night and clock. I'm finally feeling better but this cold hit really hard punch2

I've been eating a lot of tangerines lately. They have been giving me lots of much needed energy!melody2

Be sure to drink lots of cup and rest up to fight those pesky colds!!

I'm going to keep sleepy until my energy arrowuparrowuparrowup

Stay warm and hehehehe, minna-san!!
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ugh. sick again. :(

but you know what's really nice? Wearing these bed socks (winter white w/apple green polka dots) to keep my toes warm while I'm resting up and getting better.

I did a half day at work before going home and crashing out. 4 hour of sleep and my throat didn't dry out completely! Hopefully, I can keep kicking this cold to the curb so I can finish things. I'm so behind! waaaaah! ;O;
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Konbachiwa minna-san!

It's my first jweb of the new year!! Happy New Year, everyone!! sparkles

I'm a week late in the new with the jweb but I was sick last week. :( I had no energy to move. downarrowThen I became well enough to fly and work but then I became ill again! anger So I've been trying hard to take care of my health. cup With lots of tea and sleep. sleepy

But I finally went to the dr hospital after being sick for a week!! She prescribed me antibiotics. She said I had an infection around my tonsils. *O* Which is probably the reason why I couldn't fight it all off on my own. sweat

I hope the medicine will work quickly and help me fight it off punch2 so I can be healthy and rush off to do more work! Or enjoy the gorgeous weather! sun

Minna-san, make sure to take care of your health! hotspring Stay warm and drink lots of fluids. Don't get sick like me. ._.;;
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Still sick. Wah.

Also, lost Teppei (my 80GB iPod) somewhere in LA which makes me SADFACE a lot because I am completely attached to it and I feel like a piece of me is missing somewhere.

I've dropped my Japanese class for the quarter because I want to concentrate on getting healthy before turning my attention elsewhere. And with my workaholic tendencies, I think this will be a slight struggle.

I totally want to stay in bed all day today but off to work I go.
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Mmm, today I am glad to be alive.

Konbanwa, minna-san.

I've been really sick earlier this week. *O* It was pretty bad and I was completely useless downarrow. I slept sleepy a lot and drank lots of soup rice.

It took me a while, but I fought back!! punch2 I didn't want to stay sick any longer anger. So I enjoyed my sleep. sleepy hehehehe And by enjoying all that sleep, the cold went away thumbsup. Victory! peacenosign

So today, I'm glad I'm healthy enough to enjoy the day. Be sure to take care of yourselves, everyone!

This is jemz sparkles signing off now!
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Konbanwa, minna-san!

The past few days, my energy has been really low. downarrowdownarrowdownarrow

I've been very sick :( and nothing is appetizing nor interesting enough to stay awake for. So I have been catching up on sleep. sleepy The more I sleep, the more I feel better. arrowup

But while I'm still sick, there is something I crave.

I want to sit in a hot bath in the cool air. hotspring It's strange that I want to do this while I'm sick but I will have to get better fast so I can do this!

Instead, I've been drinking a lot of tea japanesetea and hot water with ginger and am feeling better.

Minna-san, make sure you take care of yourselves and not get sick!
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It seems like my hectic pace has caught up with me.

I am so, SO SICK. D:

Everything hurts and I still have so much to do! Gah, illness, go away.
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I'm home now and am fighing off the remnants of this cold I picked up while flouncing around three or four states with MousaPi, Beth, Marksy, and Clare.

Time to go back to work. It was nice not having to think about stress for a while.

More when I come back from work!
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So my lungs are still convinced they'll be making a quick escape through my esophagus some time soon, I've managed to keep them in their proper place. Bleah. That will teach me not to go carousing through the streets of San Francisco on a stormy afternoon. Although I did it with the maid of honor for my best friend's younger sister's wedding gift. (I'm in the bridal party and thus, Cat [the bride's maid of honor and youngest sister] and I went around her school area which is by Japantown to find scrapbooking things for the gift) So not on.

I get so sick from the weather. It would be all stormy and rainy for the day and then clear, crisply cold the next afternoon that is followed up by more wind and rain. :-(

But as I am slowly, slowly getting better, I don't feel as much as a bum. The weekend was a nice one. Thanks to [ profile] rightsock for the massage on Saturday night, my sleep was much better. [ profile] rogue_ravnos's tortilla soup was so yummy! Great times with all.

Sunday was one of WoW. ^__^ Played my alt all day long and made 5-cheese tortellini pasta that was quick and super easy! Then I leveled up once or twice on the druid. Convinced Kenchi to come by for a little LAN party and made arrangements with another couple of friends to teach them how to waltz for their wedding. *note to self: must go and learn more steps. or learn more salsa/passe doble/rumba/something! or bellydancing. *nods* bellydancing sounds good. or Hawaiian.*

Oh!, [ profile] etoilenoir30, I won my auction for Queen of Diamonds. *happy dance* I had to check my phone to see if I won the bid or not. *is a dork* I'll bring an imp for you to smell how good it is at the next meeting! (I deny I'm a huge addict. I'm just a little addicted. :-P )

As of late, I've been bad at catching up on HP fic. I've been deviating (or should I say, returning?) back to my comfort Naruto, Gravitation, Bleach, Hikaru no Go, Prince of Tennis, & Weiss Kruez fics. It seems so many people have been leaving HP fandom and it makes me a bit sad but I can relate to some of the reasons why. But then again, I like to know people not only for their fic but also for who they are as a person. But that said, I do love my comfort fics. Any recs for novel-length fics in whatever fandom?

My plans for the week? to get rid of this damn cough!!!! *expells it!* erm. spring cleaning and working on the wedding scrapbook with a dash of private dance lessons and cooking experiments. I'll probably find some time this week to feng shui my room. I want to redo a good portion of my room and maybe the rest of the house. We'll see how lazy I'm feeling. ^_~

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