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Thank you for all the well wishes! They made me smile gleefully.

Life as a married dame has been uneventful so far. It's still a bit strange to call him my husband or any cute variant of the title (my current favourite is "hubmeister") but we're slowly getting used to it. We do the usual social stuff like birthday parties and family dinners. But I love hanging out with my family and friends.

So far, I've been sleeping a lot lately and just enjoying a slightly slower pace for this cool summer as well as all the delicious summer fruits.

Also, I am now 15 weeks pregnant.

:D How have you been doing this summer?
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Still alive and busy!

I am currently sadfacing at shigedex, who decided to give me the white screen of death and, thereby, forcing me to RELOAD THE OS and causing me to lose almost everything on the phone.

I'm currently giving the bf's computer looks because it is still trying to update shigedex. I'm more successful at getting it to boot up and stuff.

And now, if I had your digits/address/etc, please email me your contact info again? Or point me to where you have it on your LJ? I haz nothing.

Also! Ringtones! I want some! Preferably jpop or kpop. Then I can personalize your digits to a song. :D

More of a concrete post to come! I have lots of news and pictures to spam you all with!
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Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! It meant so much to me since I was having a horrid week (complete with trips home with me bawling my eyes out). Things have definitely looked up today despite how slammed I was at work.

Thank you. For just being there for me even though I've been slammed with RL life things. Thank you for supporting me through one of the most trying periods of my life. Without you guys, I would be so lost and would not be able to find my strength and comfort in you. Without each of you, I would be struggling to find the silver lining each day and maintain hope.

Life for me is a bit tough right now but you, my family, and my beloved boyfriend give me so much hope and optimism for a wonderful 2010.

Tonight, I had dinner with wonderful friends whom I love dearly. Saturday, I'll party with many friends whom I love to have a great time with. Clearly, this weekend will rock.

Also, tonight, BF gave me this gorgeous Burberry purse. Totally wasn't expecting and am totally in love with it. Now I don't have to buy a purse for any weddings this year!! :D But I do need a matching wallet!!!
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I've been disgustingly domestic and completely away from the computer.

So far, I've been learning to cook and have successfully made some food that was deemed acceptable by my family.

I've been shopped out, having gone shopping with the bf on Black Friday after working from 1am to 9:30am. I didn't buy anything but the boyfriend did. :D Sadly, none of it was for me. T_T

Also, I haz a real Christmas tree! I adore the scent of it and am sitting next to it, gleefully inhaling the scents of fir and cinnamon as I am making hot apple cider.

I'm forcing the bf to not be lazy and work on his presentation that he has on Monday. Sadly, his iPhone is helping in his distraction (i.e. LAZINESS!!! D: ) but I'm getting some much needed work done...both online and off.

I'm about to do Christmas Cards! So if you want one, click here to give me the pertinent info. :D

This has been a good weekend. Lots of running around but I got some great memories and a loving boyfriend whom I get to bully be stupidly domesticated with. >:]

How are you doing?
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Oh hey, look who is online again!? Yup. That's right. ME!!! *happy dance*

Which isn't to say that I haven't exactly been without internet connection since I last posted in the warm lobby of the Hilton Seattle where I was enjoying Sakura-Con with some fantastic friends and making new ones. I've had internet......on my blackberry (aka Shige-Dex). I just haven't had time to make a post!

So what's new/happening/exciting in my life in the past two weeks?

I'm so glad you asked! )

So. How are you doing this fine spring? :D Less hectic than me, I hope. One day soon I will actually comment on your posts! Promise!
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Happy Birthday to Myra, Gred and Forge Weasley, Kamika, and Dad!!! :D

I've been super busy lately. Some ups and downs.

ear Had a meditative silence for [ profile] anjenue on Monday to remember the good things.

teardrop Am sad for [ profile] lilkimmiebaby.

martini Excited for [ profile] purelica/[ profile] bluebyyou/[ profile] n0body's brother's wedding.

plane Eager to see Sakura Con next week with [ profile] shinigamitabris, [ profile] kenaressa, and [ profile] elise_maxwell.

lightbulb Staying positive for [ profile] haru_no_sakura & [ profile] kamikaze_bunny.

present Going to birthday parties and weddings.

footprint Been doing yoga.

watch Wondering where my time has flown to but enjoying it anyways.

*O* I've been a bit disorganized for a few things and it's made me discombobulated.

scorpio Been having fun with a social life lately and am kinda missing my online loves.

But I miss you all!!!! <33333
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I am doing ten million things at once.

and all I can post about is that my States Quarters collection is almost complete!!! I am only missing Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Anyone have these quarters?

Today's To-Do List

sleepy Sleep in. I slept until 8:20am!
rice make miso soup for breakfast OM NOM NOM NOM. I even had some gyoza.
computer Catch up on LJ
shirt Do Laundry yay for warm, clean socks!
punch2 work out
document1 finish [ profile] jesummary
mailto email stuff for Fanime/ALA
wallet Check out It's A Girl Thing & Ulta I totally do not need a gorgeous Furla purse and matching wallet. I don't.
hamburger Eat dinner
camera1 Suprise Birthday Party About to go!
house Clean!
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I think I need a weekend from my weekend!

I had a ton of meetings in the past week and a bunch of them were crammed into yesterday. I woke up feeling groggy and discombobulated. The feeling hasn't quite dissipated and the headache behind my right eye is starting to make itself known.

I think I'll work on last week's [ profile] jesummary tomorrow. My bed is too tempting not to make it an early night tonight.

Hope everyone is doing well!
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I had something to say. Like how today is a new chapter in our history. That hope is springing from everyone during these really dark times and that we all need to hold together and stay strong to our ideals. That things will get better. Believe!

Or like how today was a ton of fun with Peyton & Liz & Daichi with dinner and karaoke. How it was fun to sing DBSK, JE, and w-inds. songs at the awesome Japanese karaoke. And that plans were made to drag MousaPi, Clare, Koyamamamama, & Shabz for a session or two whenever they come to see me. catface

But I'm sort of wrapped up in staring at Jaejoong. Who's so incredibly gorgeous in this picture.

I think I should start working on a Jaejoong pimp post as soon as this week's social festivities are over. *_________* Because everyone needs to love Jaejoong as much as I do.
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Stopping briefly to say that I've got drugs (yay for antibiotics!) and cupcakes and had a marvelous time this weekend. Which I'll update when I don't have to work in a few hours!

Hellooooooo to new friends! :D And hugs to everyone on my flist.
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Still sick. Wah.

Also, lost Teppei (my 80GB iPod) somewhere in LA which makes me SADFACE a lot because I am completely attached to it and I feel like a piece of me is missing somewhere.

I've dropped my Japanese class for the quarter because I want to concentrate on getting healthy before turning my attention elsewhere. And with my workaholic tendencies, I think this will be a slight struggle.

I totally want to stay in bed all day today but off to work I go.
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Because I'll be a-hugging and a-grooving in less than half an hour,


New Year's Resolutions to come tomorrow!
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It's been an awesome weekend, my friends! I had NO work at all besides a few phone calls but I SLEPT IN. uwaa, it was a wonderful feeling!

Today, I uploaded new music to Teppei (iPod), went shopping with some of my favorite ladies ([ profile] damiri and [ profile] aelfsciene), bought some great stuff on sale, had frozen yogurt and Beard Papa's creampuff for my wild card day (LORDIE, IT WAS DELICIOUS), spent some time with family and eating fantastic food, and am now winding down after trying to catalog my concert pamphlets/photobooks/dvds while packing for Anime LA.

Seems busy but really, it's not! I caught up with people who matter lots to me and destressed!

Soon, I'll post up my new resolutions for 2009 and maybe list things I've done in 2008 so I don't feel like a loser workaholic loser and that I've not accomplished a lot.

But yay for a free weekend of just doing things for me!!!
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am running out the door to get to work but


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Last night, I

~ had a great dinner with fantastic friends
~ teased [ profile] karberry's husband. He has a new nickname of "NICKLE KITTY"
~ was sad that Mike and [ profile] karberry didn't feel well enough to go out to the Castro.
~ made a face at my phone's dying battery
~ danced my tush off
~ got hit by an ugly man who was nowhere near as good looking with a hook nose as Alan Rickman. And really, a velvet jacket in a club full of hot, gyrating bodies? -_-
~ got super tipsy! 2 double shots of Patron, some horribly strong Cap'n Morgan and Coke, half of something else, a blueberry kamikaze shot with an adorable and flirty bar boy (taken without hands! What? They were in test tubes!)
~ watched some boys shake their tush in jockstraps, touching themselves in many, many different ways.
~ was told that my boobs were asymmetrical. ARE THEY REALLY?!!??! :O
~ umm...forgot my dead cell phone in Kachang's car. Oops. ^_^;;

Now I'm late for something but hey, I just wanted to share how utterly FAIL I am.

Ta ta, lovelies! Back to San Francisco to shop and then party at Asia SF.
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After a rockin' Halloween party and a chance to relax from the madness that is work, I'm off to the Academy of Sciences to absorb some science!

aka I'm still alive! And barely getting out of being super busy. Hope everyone is doing well!
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I just want to crash and curl up in my bed and hide from the world until I get enough sleep.

I'm sure this feeling will go away soon. But until then, I'm totally pulling the covers up and making a fort.
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I finally caved in and made a mii on the new wii and wii fit in my house.

Good lord, this thing is addictive. I think I'll be playing everyday until [ profile] karberry's and kuya's wedding. >.> Good thing work is supposed to slow down so I can have my free time back.... do everything else I've been slacking on.

I feel like such a slacker. D:

Off to do laundry and sort through my closet.
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But just pwnd je_hols emails and finished off jesumm. Totally long day at work, introducing my new boss around and trying to answer all her questions.

Add that to helping [ profile] seshat move back into her remodeled apartment and a long day of work, it's nice to relax on my patio. Where I pwnd the emails and the summary post with some hot tea and a ocean scented candle burning near me and a blanket keeping me warm.

I'm looking forward to when I don't have anything planned, any thing to do. Sadly, that's quite a while away. But a girl can always hope for it, right?

Time for bed. Will pick up the slack on Fanime and planning more events soon. Halloween Costume Wine Party is going to happen again! This time, fundraising for [ profile] vanae12's leukemia 5K run. Gotta figure out the biggest problem: What am I going to wear?!


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