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Konbanwa, minna-san!

It's been a quiet week so far. I've been very lazy! Catching up on sleep sleepy and energy lightbulb and cleaning up things arrowround.

But I am glad for my tomodachi. hearts We ate some delicious food fish and talked a lot. wink My soul and tummy were very satisfied tonight.

It's been a good week. peacenosign
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my life in bullet points.

arrowup The wedding went beautifully and being with friends and family is so very amazing. Especially when the entire bridal party would get up and dance and most of them knew how to shake their money-maker.

cake Mmmmmmm. Wedding cake had 3 flavors. So delicious.

sake The shots of Remy. I will only drink cognac on special occasions in celebration for certain people.

DD: Because I don't like cognac at all.

shoe My nails were hot as was my makeup, dress, and hair.

-_- Work at 1am was not fun. especially after a long day filled with wedding activities.

jeans My legwarmers came in and I am going to sport them on this beautiful, chilly October day.

document1 I also need to do my Japanese homwork.

downarrow My piercings ache since I accidentally slept on them again. Oops.

sleepy After getting about 4-5 hours of sleep all week, I slept myself out today. It felt completely decadent. Along with this coconut truffle I am eating.

rice Time to make myself a bowl of Pho and run errands.

thumbsup I am so glad my internet is back.

hearts I missed you all.
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*falls over*

So it's been a really long week. Scratch that. It's been a long year and it just started! I've been on the go since last summer and it finally caught up with me in the form of a light cold and sheer exhaustion.

But! There were good things that happened, great things happening, and even more awesome things to come! And I know you miss my emoji-bulleted posts, don'tchu? :D

cut because I care! )

Off to BED now! ♥ Catch you lovelies soon!
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[ profile] shabzilla: i was telling bf about it today
[ profile] shabzilla: so lolll
[ profile] shabzilla: wait not bf, bff
[ profile] swtjemz: bf?
[ profile] shabzilla: asldjla he isnt
[ profile] swtjemz: I was gonna say "WHEN DID YOU GET A BF AND NOT TELL ME?!!?!?"
[ profile] swtjemz: alfkja;lfj
[ profile] shabzilla: cries
[ profile] swtjemz: ;_______; and i thought sharing a bed meant you loved me
[ profile] shabzilla: well i've shared a bed with him too...
[ profile] swtjemz: lfkja;lf REALLY?
[ profile] shabzilla: yes? but he moved to the floor, i cant remember
[ profile] swtjemz: hahahha
[ profile] swtjemz: This is like a drama
[ profile] swtjemz: I am Jin
[ profile] swtjemz: You are Kame
[ profile] shabzilla: asjkald sagar is Pi
[ profile] swtjemz: and there is angsty stuff
[ profile] shabzilla: dies diess
[ profile] swtjemz: we are like akamepi

Can you just imagine it? XD

In other news, this day is flying by and I am succeeding in bringing someone down with me into the world of Kanjani8 and furthering their spiral into w-inds. *____* ILU w-inds. NEVER LEAVE ME. *watches their performances over and over and over again*
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I am curious. Feel free to indulge me!

[Poll #1019040]
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So everyone else has the day off EXCEPT FOR ME and [ profile] feather_down. WOE.

But hope everyone's day is beautiful and sunny and happy and full of yummy things because work is giving us a bbq and I get to see Transformers tonight at 5pm before heading over to [ profile] rightsock's and [ profile] damiri for more of the HP movie marathon!

And a recent conversation between [ profile] mousapelli and I.

because I was terribly amused )

Plus, after wishing America a Happy Birthday, I'd like to wish Jin, Masuda, and Gackt a HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well. XD

XD Also, it's Polynesian (or Red/White/Blue) attire today for the bbq at work. I'm sitting here, looking cute in a blue, hawaiian sarong and a powder blue cardigan (with a blue dress underneath). *\o/* I feel really pretty today for some reason.
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Because I just want to flail at people again. XD

Remember when I picspammed everyone with pics of the really cute "akame" boy/promoter? He promotes for a band called Alma whose lead vocalist is Shirota Jun.

As in Shirota YUU (of D-BOYS and TeniMyu)'s older brother.

And the one who sold the friendship necklaces Jin bought for himself, Yamapi, and Yuu.

Yes. I have been flailing over the random Yampi/Jin connection all morning. It made my day to realize I had another fandom experience TWO days prior to talking to Aiba-chan (of Arashi) on the phone at his parents' restaurant. After finding out more about Ikuto Toma. Thanks, [ profile] ilanabean42


I wonder what will happen next year when I'm in Seoul and Tokyo again with [ profile] halffling and [ profile] next4exits. Could there be a SUJU/DBSK sighting next?! *excited* Or a K8/WaT/w-inds. one with [ profile] shabzilla and [ profile] shimmeredusk?
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oh wow.

why are the drummers and the bass guitarists always so freakin' hot?!


Watching SiWon play the drums for TRAX pulled me into SuJu and Trax (Because Jay's voice is just GUH. *___*) and it helps that SiWon is model hot.

And now, watching Ohkura play the drums in the first K8 song I liked (Heavenly Psycho) made me all melty and I am resisting Kanjani8 even though I heard this song ages ago when [ profile] shabzilla got into k8. But she didn't she me enough of the utter FAIL that are the members of K8 and thus, I was not sucked in.

PLUS, TURNTABLES. Linkin Park has Mr. Hahn. *_* HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN-CHAN as Miyavi calls him. EPIK HIGH has DJ Tukutz. *___*

There is no point to this post other than to flail over hot boys playing instruments. *___________*

P.S. I heard the drunks are back! XD


May. 11th, 2007 08:51 am
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The color presses upon me, heavy and thick. The shadows play with my eyes as I search for that sliver of silvery grey, my chest burdened with the need for breath. Frantic glances bring me no relief as I continue to search for the way out, for the light to shine as the color darken and suck me deeper into an abyss.

Then I find the ray. The ray of light. The silver lining,
(more like the bright grey against dark grey), holds strong as I grasp it, pulling myself up and out the oppressive color. I am surrounded by a brightness, nearly too bright to see clearly and too hot to touch. I revel in the minutes following, revel in the contrast of the airy weight.

Soon, I float. And I long for an anchor to hold me steady, to hold me in balance. The heavy, dark colour consumes me while the silver promised to blow me free, swallowing me in its light. Which do I want? Where is my balance?

I sink inch by inch from the heady atmosphere as the tentacles of gray reach for me again, curling around my ankles as my hand continues to grasp the silver lining above my head. I lay, stretched between both colors as I slowly find myself, slowly find that my own color is bleeding out of me and blending. There, I can breathe and fly and burrow into the ground.

There, I find my color is balanced.
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so i totally missed out on posting last night due to falling asleep. the coffee is so not keeping me awake past 9:30pm, y0. apologies to everyone i was chatting with last night. the sandman dumped sand all over me. D:

but i have started my project of 1000 cranes for my parents' anniversary. my goal is 10 per day for the next 100 days. i hope i can keep up with it. i'm already falling behind on my writing challenge on my fan journal even though i'm writing a little bit each day.

allergies seem to be the "in" thing this season. and i am nothing but a trendy sheep. so, my allergies are in full bloom and my nose seems to resemble rudolph more rather than my own. at least they are clear enough so i can smell the pretty incense i bought in japantown. *___* i rather like the white plum incense as well as the bamboo one i got at mitsuwa. good stuff.

also, BLEACH. *__________________* am now finally caught up on the last ten episodes i didn't see. and it's on a cliffhanger!!!! DDDDDDD: must get next episode

wow. i am feeling mighty random today. :D how are you doing today?

crane count: 30
how many i folded today: nada. ONE during my break. 15 as of right now and on my desk. :D ended up with 46 of them by the time i went to bed.
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So some of you may know that my mom loves Korean dramas and singers. Some of you may have even been on the phone with me when my mom and I talked about Korean artists.

A few days ago, my mom and I were talking about DBSK and she had mentioned Bi, a.k.a. Rain, appearing in Vietnam. She also mentioned that she was really excited by a visit from a singer she really liked in her native country.

As Bi is planning to come to the US for a tour, I think I am going to try and bring her to one of his concerts, provided that she would go and not complain about how much I am spending and that she is too old to go to concerts and fangirl. It's sort of a combination birthday/Mother's Day present for her (if she accepts it.)

Bi performed last year and came back to perform in Ho Chi Minh City this year to lots of screaming fans. And it's not going to be televised. D: I hope there are fancams and if there are, I need to go look for some for my mom to watch on youtube.

Yes. She's a youtube pro, y0. Thank you, Google for the interwebs. :-P

Plus, he likes Vietnamese food! He should come to California. There are some great Viet restaurants here! *HINTS*

Anyways, news of Bi aside, here are a few more interesting links that I found in the 5 minutes of reading. \:D/

* BBC's Country Profile: Vietnam
* Angelina Jolie adopts a little Vietnamese boy.
* And the oldest living person in the world is how old?
* Preserving an 11th century Bastion!
* Hot Vietnamese real estate! Come and get 'em while it's hot!
* Dalat Crazy House! I wanna stay here!
* Hmm...shady business tactics in the music industry?
* Fascinating blurb about the forgotten Vietnamese royal family.
* The coolest travel trip ever. All done without motorised vehicles!

Anyways, I should stop ignoring work and finish everything today! ^_^ Also, only 9 more days til Japan! WHEEEEEE!
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Because I am curious about writing fanfic and not because I had too much fun with the ticky boxes, I want to know your thoughts. Feel free to comment about your thoughts. Elaborate, explicate, or just expound. No, I was not reading the E section of the dictionary today. I did that yesterday. :-P

Follow the yellow brick road! )
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Uh. Why, of course I am not procrastinating and avoiding work to post hot videos of boybands. I am merely taking a break to post videos of hot boybands singing. This time, it's Kangta & Vanness. Kangta is a member of the defunct H.O.T., a super popular Korean boyband that disbanded in 2001. Vanness is a member of the popular Taiwanese group, F4. F4 came about after the members all starred in Meteor Garden, Taiwan's live-action version of the Japanese manga, Hana Yori Dango (which means "Boys Over Flowers").

Kangta is one of my favorite members of H.O.T. (the others being Jang Woo Hyuk and Tony An *_* )

Kangta & Vanness's Scandal was stuck in my head after watching the video. SOOOOOO. I'mma be an "evil enabler" as [ profile] 1anonymous1 calls me and spam y'all with the videos. And no, the video having a Mercedes and a Porsche racing has nothing to my intense love of the PV or the song. Nothing. Or the fact that they both get wet and you see nicely shaped abs. Ummm...yeah.

Just watch it!

Korean Version

Chinese Version

Enjoy the spam!
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Dear Diary,

Well, you're more like a place for me to splurge and write silly things, aren't you? I'm sorry I haven't been writing lately. I think I've become a boring person. But now that I am trying not to procrastinate (for Lent), I have been thinking of something interesting to post in you.

Sometimes, Diary, I think you are just here for my amusement. I mean, I can hop over to other diaries and read and be touched by the diary owners. I can read about their days and those lovely entries that help me understand what makes them happy or sad or even flail in glee. And I am thankful. To the ones that let me into their lives just a little bit whether it's just to be a listening ear or an active participant in discussion (or in most cases, squee!)

And other times, Diary, I think you are here for me. To let me express myself in ways that I think I don't think I can in real life. Then again, I look at you and think, "why do i just babble so much in you?". After a short nanosecond, the lightbulb blinks on and I go "because I really am like that in real life! duh, jemz!"

But thanks, Diary, for being mine for the last 4 years. ♥

Now. Have some spam. I have had Time Machine on repeat for hours now. Time to get this song stuck in other people's heads. And prease to have people flailing with me over Keita and his air guitar, over Ryohei and his awesome breakdancing, and over Ryuichi for being Ryuichi. Because w-inds. rockin' out is a beautiful sight to see. \m/

Edit: And because I was talking to [ profile] teh_0live about earthquakes and tornados, here's an interesting link: 15 Seconds That Changed San Francisco.
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Sadly, I must admit this. I am constipated.

:-P No. Not what you're thinking. Mentally, I feel constipated. Chock full of words, ideas, and lyrical rhymes that all make sense in my head but when I go to put it down on paper, it all disappears. Unable to stream out of my fingers and onto any sort of medium. Lost onto a blank slate of gray matter and my short-term memory.

Ever had that experience?

I wanted to talk about something philosophical. Somthing that made me pause and truly consider the its worth in research. Then when I sit down to pursue it, it's gone. Ephemereal as mist. Incredibly frustrating but also a relief of sorts. Sometimes I just want to pour it all out, it comes out emo and whiny or sad and cryptic. Then the words escape me as my mood changes.

I know it existed in my mind and that it was sucked deep into the oblivion of my subconsciousness.

But they lurk and come out whenever I am depressed or sad or bursting into random bouts of tears, to compound or reiterate my feelings back to me. Things I never knew that I felt or I had thought wouldn't feel again for a long, long time. I want to release it all but they stay out of my reach, no matter how much I try to push them out my head.

bleh. Even now, I find it hard to splurge out the appropriate words. Sometimes, I wish I had Z's talent for writing. (Whose writing style I personally squee over, not because he's a great friend nor a great writer nor someone whom I envy for quitting his job to backpack and languish away all over the world nor someone who just recently made me jealous over his fantastic and fun trip to Antartica and is currently in Buenos Aires nor someone who got to stay in beautiful wine country and try all those delicious South American wines, but as someone whom I admire very much. Wow, I do I have a love for run-on sentences you know.) I envy it but I know that I am eloquent in my own way. And yes, I can do it without squeeing or writing "huggles" every ten seconds. No matter how big of an urge I get.

This blurb is most likely brought on by the same strange urge to cry at the oddest times of the day. I'm happy with life, for the most part. Things are going well. But yet, I seem to have developed this amazing skill of crying at the drop of a hat. Tears will come for all of 2 minutes and dissapate. Strange but I think I know why it happens.

Now onto happier thoughts. Like Il Divo. I'll be flying down on Friday night to see them in LA! So excited! ^_____________^ And penguins. I have an overwhelming urge to watch March of the Penguins again.

But enough of my random rambling. I hope everyone has a wonderful Hump Day!!!! *humps* *sings My Humps by BEP*

x.X Now I have an overwhelming urge to play WoW. And I love my icon. So perfect for the entry.


Feb. 12th, 2006 10:14 am
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Hi everyone!!! It's been a while that I've really updated on the state of my here goes.

a. THANK YOU [ profile] lunadeath02!!! The rose is absolutely lovely and I keep staring at it on LJ. XD

b. I headed up to Sacramento yesterday to hang out with best friend. Met up with her sister and bro-in-law (they're getting married in April and I'm in the wedding party!!!) for dinner and to discuss wedding things such as bridal shower date, bridesmaid dresses, makeup, and photographers/videographers.

c. Got to see [ profile] bebiteeny, her sis, and parents. ♥ They are so my extended family....Her mom tries to feed me all the time. :-P

d. Meet N Sniff in Old Sac! I'm so excited. Yeah. I am a dork. I love this sort of thing. Meeting new people who share a common love.

e. Work is going well. Finally caught up and am slowing down in the OT (which is both great for me so I get more of a life and bad for the bank account.). Although there is a new guy at work who only speaks to my chest and not my face, which makes me mad.

f. Il Divo at the end of the MONTH!!! *squeees* In LA too. So, LA peeps....know any good sushi restaurants? Oh man, IL DIVO!!!! I adore their voices. I really do.

g. I JUST GOT MICHAEL BUBLE TICKETS. Yes, [ profile] prestonsbarr will be incredibly jealous. BECAUSE I GOT TICKETS!!!! Only bad thing? It's on the same day as the bridal shower in Roseville but I will make it to MB's concert no matter what. Why yes, I'm that fanatical. =-P Why do you ask? *does a dorky dance*

h. Valentine's Day? What's that? :-P 

i. Working out? Going well. Staying on the meal times is a bit difficult. But I think come Lent, I'm giving up meat again.

j. I'm wondering where my old cds full of House, Jungle, Drum N Bass, and Happy Hardcore are. I have a hankering to listen to them while workin' out.

k. New friends!!! OMG. HI. I'm not really that interesting. Boring, really. Just a journal full of squee and nonsense. I have a bunch of fandoms I occasionally talk about as well as other things. One thing to know, I'm very eclectic. And I, occasionally, have no shame. :-P

l. [ profile] autumnmoon makes me squeee.

m. I miss my other girls. [ profile] goldie, [ profile] jateshi, [ profile] playingwithfyre, [ profile] thermidor, and the rest of [ profile] vanillaskyy. For some reason, I feel like I've been bad and have not been giving you enough attention. :-(

n. Wine tasting event coming up at [ profile] purelica's and L's place. So excited! Y'all got suggestions for yummy non-Californian wines? I need suggestions!!!!

o. It's been fairly warm which makes me happy. Because I can say I'm wearing a short skirt and a tee with flip flops in the middle of February. Which I also did in January. :-P

p. New trips coming up. Gotta sit down and figure them all out in the midst of other big events I'm doing. Gotta finalize some details before I can reveal events.

q. WoW. I heart WoW. I do. But it sucks to start all over on a different server. Esp. a PVP server in which people keep killing my poor character.

r. H&M opened in SF!!!! YAY. Now to find time to go up there for a shopping spree. Need some cute clothes to look hot in to attract some game. :-P

s. Errr...picspam when I get the chance to upload the pictures. I haven't forgotten but I seem to left my memory stick adapter at home. Yeah. sucks. I'm sorry.

t. I need to go to Tar-jay for some odds and ends. Need also to pick up nails so when I get home today, I can put up my mirror, small cabinet, and art frames. Will take pictures when done. This project will take time from me being online and rp'ing/chatting.

u. Game night tonight at [ profile] happyhien's and [ profile] vanae12's place. I will be stopping by to beat everyone at scrabble and cranium. :-P ESP. YOU [ profile] happyhien.

v. MICHAEL BUBLE!!!!!!!!!!! (yes. I felt the need to reiterate. I fangirl him like WHOA. LIKE WHOA, I tell you.)

w. Errrr...I'm running out of things to say and the Il Divo dvd playing makes me want to stare at them with happy eyes because their voices are just...GUH.

x. Tea and fuzzy slippers. So nice and comforting.

y. Some of you are in my prayers. So much not happy things going on and my heart hurts for all of you. I do hope things get better. I know it's always trite to hear since I hated hearing it when times were tough and it seems like fake platitude but I really do empathasize. There really isn't anything I can do to make you feel better but offer hugs and kisses and snuggles and my shoulder for you to cry on and an ear to listen to everything.  *loves*

z. I hope everyone has a gloriously beautiful Sunday, whether it's hanging out a cafe to soak up the sun, catching some powder on the slopes, or snuggling in front of a crackling fire with hot chocolate laced with Bailey's and watching the Olympics. *GO SNOWBOARDING!!!!*

z2. I LOVE THE OLYMPICS. Esp. the Winter Olympics. I am glued to the tv during these times. Siriusly. Only time I make the effort to watch the tv on any extended basis.

Have a lovely day, my darlings.

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erm...another random one so I can *SQUEEE* over waiting only 7 days until HP&HBP comes out.

That I must pimp this comm one more time. [ profile] hogwarts_bound  [ profile] hogwarts_bound [ profile] hogwarts_bound [ profile] hogwarts_bound [ profile] hogwarts_bound

That I am eagerly waiting for MB concert and other various trips to see people.

and to flash my new icon. ^__^


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