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Like many of my awesome friends, I've posted a few listings for [ profile] help_japan.

I'm offering a Northern California box of goodies and a year of postcards!

Here's a quick listing of what my fabulous friends-list are offering!

Interesting Stuff
[ profile] iverin is offering RP App Beta/Consultation, several Bath & Body Works grab bag, hand knit, fluffy scarves, and REPO! Opera Ticket.
[ profile] musikologie is offering a box of Hawaiian goodies.
[ profile] liangzhu is offering 1000 paper cranes.
[ profile] wook77 is offering Star Trek Cross stich 1, Star Trek Cross Stich 2, a goodie box from Arizona, postcards for a year.
[ profile] pashoshi is offering handmade Kanjani8 t-shirts.
[ profile] mylachod is offering 2 hand dyed scarves.
[ profile] peculiaritea is offering quilted throw pillowcases.
[ profile] shinigamitabris is offering w-inds. memories set.
[ profile] impynymph is offering Handmade Kanjani8 figures.

[ profile] elyndys is offering British tea package.
[ profile] airairo is offering Japanese candy.
[ profile] pastdazed is offering 2 dozen Moonscape Bars and 2 dozen handmade truffles.

[ profile] liangzhu is offering 1 set consisting of a layout header + wallpaper + profile-sized graphic + 1-5 icons*.
[ profile] pixisticks is offering a set of 15 (minimum) icons.

[ profile] elyndys is offering K8 fic of at least 1500 words.
[ profile] pashoshi is offering a fic of 1000 word min.
[ profile] stirfried_lies is offering 2 5000 word fics [1] [2].
[ profile] pinkpapyrus is offering 3 2000 word min fics.
[ profile] helicopter_sky is offering 2 2000 word min fics
[ profile] peroxidepest17 is offering a fic of 1000 word min.
[ profile] wrangler is offering 3 fics of 2000 word min.
[ profile] spurious is offering fic of 1000 word min.
[ profile] fictionalaspect is offering fic of 5000 word min.
[ profile] beren_writes is offering fic of a 2000 word min.
[ profile] reiicharu is offering fic.
[ profile] virdant is offering fic of a 1000 word min.
[ profile] airairo is offering fic of 1000 word min.
[ profile] pir8fancier will beta any fic.
[ profile] furiosity is offering original fic, meta/essay of any topic of choice, beta service, editing services, and a set of 5 stick figure drawings
[ profile] ky_rin is offering 5000 word fic.
[ profile] wook77 is offering fic of 1000 word min.
[ profile] shinigamitabris is offering a fic of 1000 word min.

[ profile] furiosity and [ profile] reposoir are doing this: "For every dollar raised by [ profile] help_japan collectively, I will write one word of fic. And for every $1 donated by my flisters, I will write an additional 100 words."

Also, the [ profile] a_ra_shi community is gathering supplies to send to Second Harvest Japan, so if you can't afford to give monetarily, then send what unused stuff you have! This is open to everyone so you don't have to love the awesome boys of Arashi to donate!

Let me know if you got an offer up and I'll update on my list!
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Hi Everyone!!!

I'm pleased to announce the second band that will be joining FanimeCon's MusicFest, FLOW.

So excited about their concert on Friday, May 28th. It'll be a BLAST. :D

If you don't know who FLOW is, they are the ones that did two opening theme songs for Naruto, one opening theme song for Code Geass, Persona -trinity soul-, Eureka Seven, & Naruto Shippuden, and the ending theme song for Heroman (which came out last Wednesday!).
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It's been a hectic week filled with fun!

Last Thursday I flew to Los Angeles to help out with Anime Los Angeles. Met some awesome people! [ profile] hazelchaz, [ profile] ala_mokita, Pearl, Patrick, and Evan! Was drinking every night of the weekend with the last three and [ profile] seshat! Twas fab! Also managed to get myself some lovely minions by the names of [ profile] karinberry, [ profile] koneho, and Steve. LOL. Fantastic times. I've never really had minions before but they were so awesome and I love them all. And Kon is absolutely adorable...just like [ profile] karinberry had told me! :D I also may have accepted a promotion. STOP LAUGHING. It'll be less stress! Or so I'm told! :D Way less people than Fanime!

Also, [ profile] kenaressa is coming back down for Fanime! SO EXCITED!!!!

Then it was back to work and try to do Fanime prep all week for the meeting on Sunday. I flailed over hot, hot Jin pictures and made a date with [ profile] nihongofrancais to pick me up from the airport on Sunday.

Because I'm flying down to LA again on Saturday morning for the wrap up meeting for Anime LA. Meetings all day long. Then fly back the next morning in time for Fanime meetings all day long. Yup, a weekend full of meetings! I'm so far behind on being organized! D:

On top of that, I caught a chest cold. I'm mostly over it but am slightly congested and slept a LOT yesterday. About 15 hours worth. Took a small nap today. I'm totally bringing a ton of cough meds and tea with me down south. Or as I told Evan, who also caught a cold, I'm bringing the herbal tea, he's bringing the drugs. XD Am currently blogging while watching [ profile] rightsock, [ profile] damiri, [ profile] yzo, and [ profile] rogue_ravnos all play Rock Band 2.

It's all great fun just hanging out and I wish my new friends from So.Cali was up here with me to rock out. Of course, I'll see Steve again on Sunday and tease him horribly....just for Kon. But a weekend of Anyone up for some sake afterwards?

Edit: [ profile] rogue_ravnos is liquoring me up quite nicely! :D I've got an x-rated drink in hand. YUM.
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So it seems like a good portion of my flist is feeling down. teardrop So, because these things always cheer me up when I go back and re-read some of the comments, let's have a


This is totally encouraged by [ profile] jackoweskla, who held me back when I wanted to do one earlier but we agreed that now is a perfect time. <3 Because we heart1 our flist.

How to Play:

1) Comment with your username.
2) Link to your comment from your LJ so people can reply to your comment and leave anonymous comments with reasons why you're awesome and wonderful and amazing!
3) Then people will leave comments with their own usernames, link to those comments in their LJs and so on! YAY!

Free free to PIMP this out or it won't work!

Anon-comments on, IP logging off. Mean or wanky comments will be deleted. It's time to spread some love!

And to help you with easy linking to your name/thread, have some code!
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SO EXCITED. :D Tomorrow, I'm back at the airport! plane Flying off to see [ profile] karinberry, [ profile] feather_down, [ profile] ilanabean42, [ profile] saturnianlove, [ profile] peroxidepest17, and [ profile] bitofpixiedust! Hey ladies, if I don't have your digits, I totally need them! *looks at Roxi & Linds* Email it to me at swtjemz at gmail. :D I can check email on my PokeShigeDex (aka blackberry) and I'll call you right away. :D

There have been a few other things that have been on my mind but I always forget them whenever I sit down to write an entry. OH WELL. :D I'll write more when I have time to breathe! After this trip, it's time to really buckle down and concentrate on tying the loose ends for my work with Fanime. I want to make sure everything is ready! I have a fantastic second-in-command (or TWIC as I call him. Yah yah, TWo-In-Command. :] )

But I hope everyone living around the SF Bay Area can come and check out Fanime on May 23-26! I'll definitely be wandering around. So if you see a frazzled (but stylishly comfortable!) me, feel free to stop me and tell me to take deep breaths!
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[ profile] iverin: God wtf Jin is sexy
[ profile] iverin: If you do
[ profile] iverin: it better be in large sparkly text
[ profile] swtjemz: of course :D
[ profile] iverin: I shall make the post my confessional XD
[ profile] iverin: The chronicle of my demise T_T
[ profile] iverin: And damn it
[ profile] iverin: shower!Jin
[ profile] iverin: Like.
[ profile] iverin: How hot is that?
[ profile] iverin: With the lips.
[ profile] iverin: And the eyes.
[ profile] iverin: And the hands.
[ profile] iverin: And the hair.
[ profile] swtjemz: awesome
[ profile] iverin: Yeah.
[ profile] iverin: No problem.

Earlier today...

[ profile] iverin: My brain will be in the gutter for a few months
[ profile] iverin: klsdfjaslkfd Jin's being a whore.
[ profile] iverin: I'm sorry Jin, ILU
[ profile] iverin: I don't think you're a whore but it's easy to write.
[ profile] iverin: ....I DID NOT SAY THAT
[ profile] swtjemz: :DDDDDDDD *POSTS THAT*

So what does the above AIM conversation tell Beth and I?

It says it is time for the

Akanishi Jin Pimp Post

Who exactly is this really hot Japanese Idol you are trying to get me hooked on, jemz? )


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