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I've been reading an interesting post on Christmas morning traditions of wrapping or not wrapping presents from Santa.

As I am looking forward to seeing my daughter's eyes light up with excitement when she is old enough, I'm seriously thinking about the traditions the hubby and I want to start with our little family.

When you were growing up, did Santa (if you celebrated Christmas) wrap presents or left them unwrapped? Did you get to open your presents all at once or one at a time? Did everyone take turns unwrapping a present at a time? Is there someone who is designated as the present-passing-out-person? Did you open gifts on Christmas morning or Christmas Eve?

There are lot of different ways to celebrate and I'm contemplating traditions I want to start just for us or traditions that I want to keep. Like a new tradition that we give her 4 presents (1 she wants, 1 she needs, 1 book, 1 to wear) for Christmas and all other presents are from family & friends. Or maybe something different like a stocking full of goodies.

What do you guys think?
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I should post here from time to time, huh? I barely post on LJ as it is but at least this is accessible at work.

Anyways, pregnancy is going well despite the itchiness of PUPPPs and being stressed out at work. Looking forward to maternity leave that starts NEXT FRIDAY, Dec. 30th!!! Ending this year RIGHT and starting out the new year all relaxed and HAPPY and stress-free for the baby!

Just gotta breathe through the next 10 days.

Also, today marks the end of my 33rd week. Only 6 weeks left for baby girl to arrive!


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