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Happy New Year bell , minna-san!

I've decided that it's the return of j-web Thursdays!!

I missed writing in my journal document1 and thought this was a good way to start again peacenosign

I will try my best to write more arrowup
thumbsup I've been bad, ne? ^_^;; But I hope everyone will still read my journal :D

New Year always brings new goals. Sometimes, the same goals happen again! One year, I said I wanted more sleep sleepy but I completely failed at that. ._.;;

So this year, my goal is to writepen at least every Thursday!

There's so much to do this year but starting with simple goals is a good sparkles way to be motivated!!

What are your goals for the new year? pencil ear
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The parties last night were a LOT of fun! Got to see [ profile] etoilenoir959 and [ profile] maplesyrup and a few others. Good times! Then I headed out to hang out with my favorite wine crowd to kick in the new year! Found out that [ profile] bluebyyou got engaged! CONGRATS, COUSIN! Wheeee! Yay for destination wedding! And at a few seconds after the ball dropped, one of my girls got ENGAGED and I got to watch the entire thing. Including the bended knee, the terrified look on his face, the shock on her face, and the mad mad rush to hug her and all the smiles on our faces as we continued to celebrate the night away!

Came home to the siblings still partying and there was much love from them. One of the few times they get all touchy feely. :D

It was a struggle to get out of bed to come to work but omg, last night was SO WORTH IT.

So, New Year's Resolutions and all that.

2007's Resolutions and how well I did.... )

Whooo. Now that the review is over. Here are my new resolutions!

Resolutions: 2008 )

So with that last resolution in mind, I'm off to go update [ profile] smsummary since I've been super, super busy as of late. <3

Hope everyone had a fantabulous beginning of 2008 and I look forward to spending each day of this year with you all. ♥

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Happy New Year everyone!!!

I'm just sittin' here at work, sleepy and ready to Go Home but alas, my desire to shop liek a mad fiend in Harujuku/Shibuya/Akihabara is making me stay to raise funds for said shopping spree in April.

But I hope everyone had a great time ringing in the new year! Mine was interesting, full of drunk people, a drunk hostess screaming "I LOVE YOU" in my ear, getting molested by her, and playing slapjack with drunk people. It was great fun since I got to use the "I work at 6:30am (*coughs*THEBUTTCRACKOFDAWN*coughs*) and need to drive home!" to get out of the many rounds of Patron Gold shots. :3 I prefer Patron Silver but I'm just a snobby brat like that. :-P

Had a blast yesterday hanging out with [ profile] seshat, [ profile] rogue_ravnos, [ profile] yzo, and [ profile] sandpanther for a Lush run and other things. Got some conditioners and some bubble bars! Now all I need is a proper plug for the bathtub (mine broke. D: ) and then I can hop in for a luxurious soak in a bubble bath! ♥!

Now, I should settle down and do my New Year's resolutions!

cut to save boredom )

P.S. I still owe cards. They are late and I am horribly lame for being late. But they are coming!

P.S.S. *pokes [ profile] arashiangel for seekrit project*
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Another Year, another set of Resolutions to create that will just fly out the door.

But this year will be different. I can just feel it in my bones.

Last year was wonderful and heartbreaking. Full of triumphs, new friends, celebrations, funerals, many tears, and despair. I haven't really discussed a whole lot of what's been happening to me simply because I feel like I'm whining or complaining or that nothing I have to say is of any importance. Although I do write down many things that are important to me, I am resolving to do some of the following:

Resolutions. )

Erm....I had other nice and pretty words laid out in my mind but I forget what to write since I'm easily distracted by work and fic and omg!pretty pics (esp. by my lovely [ profile] myrafur and [ profile] red_rahl) and my awesome [ profile] vanillaskyychat girls, all whom are beautiful, wonderful, and amazing.

Now I'm off to read some fics work my bootie off. *loves*

EDIT: GAH!!! I am SOOO BAD. HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] altui!!!!!!! I hope it was the best ever, filled with hot Japanese boys singing to you.


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