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It’s amazing to me that within the span of a year, I went through so many ups and downs on a huge emotional rollercoaster.

I was ecstatic to hear that Dad was cancer-free, then it came back, we found our first apt together only to have the N lose his job, giving up our apt., then he accepted another job the day we left for our Euro-trip, he asked my parents for my hand in marriage and proceeded to propose to me in the fabulous and romantic Gardens of Versailles, we came back to the States only to immediately head to Stanford Hospital where Dad was hospitalized for a few days, then deal with the struggles of an aggressive cancer and all its side effects, then lose Dad in his struggle, the arrangements of his funeral, stepping up to take all the responsibilities as head of the household, to dealing with grief, finding normalcy in life without him, to planning our wedding, to getting married a week and a half ago at SF City Hall.

All in the span of a single year.

Crazy, isn’t it? But life is so precious. I’m cherishing every moment of mine.


Jul. 7th, 2009 11:54 pm
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One of my favorite quotes is an old Indian saying.

"When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice."

Michael Jackson, the world cries at your passing. You have lived your life in such a way that you have touched people's lives through your music, your artistry, your humanitarian efforts, and your creativity all over the world.

Many of my favorite musical stars have grown up to your music, have tried to dance the same dances, have sung the same lyrics...regardless if they spoke English or not.

Your music has impacted my life. While my father loved The Beatles with a passion, it was your music that he would sing off key as I tried to dance like I was one of the backup dancers. Much to my grandmother's amusement as well as my parents, I would try out all your dances when your videos on the telly.

Despite my imitation failures, I have always loved your music and the message of love and harmony. It's inspirational and one of the reasons why I constantly volunteer for various causes. Indirectly, you have helped shaped my life and my viewpoint on the global community. I thank you for that.

Rest in peace, MJ. I hope that, in heaven, you are rejoicing with the angels as the world cries and try to heal the world one moonwalk at a time.
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omg. am drowning in Fanime work and RL work.

But I had a blast watching the Yoshida Brothers play last night. They are so awesome!!!!

Tomorrow night, I'm totally excited to see Epik High!!! And I'll get to squish [ profile] halffling & [ profile] firefly_wish and maybe [ profile] g_aria. [ profile] liangzhu will be coming with me and Huong to the concert and the afterparty! :D I AM PRETTY EXCITED.

Then comes Fanime meeting on Saturday. Oh man, I'm so not ready but I'll try my best! Only 6 more days before Fanime begins!!!!!!
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Oh hey, look who is online again!? Yup. That's right. ME!!! *happy dance*

Which isn't to say that I haven't exactly been without internet connection since I last posted in the warm lobby of the Hilton Seattle where I was enjoying Sakura-Con with some fantastic friends and making new ones. I've had internet......on my blackberry (aka Shige-Dex). I just haven't had time to make a post!

So what's new/happening/exciting in my life in the past two weeks?

I'm so glad you asked! )

So. How are you doing this fine spring? :D Less hectic than me, I hope. One day soon I will actually comment on your posts! Promise!


Apr. 8th, 2009 07:12 pm
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plane Going to Seattle tomorrow for Sakura-Con with wifey, clare, and erisu!!! I'm excited!

mailto Been working on lots of Fanime emails and stuff.

anger Been irritated!

eyes watched Fast & Furious and thought it was fun to watch. And no, I don't think Vin Diesel is hot. But yes, the cars are. :D

arrowup I've been made a Yelp Elite! :D

sweat Hot Jin pics from Popeye is HOT. Smoking hot. *_____________*

cherryblossom I'll miss the Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend in SF's Japantown. :( But hopefully I can go next weekend....maybe.

thumbsup My cousin's wedding was amazingly gorgeous and lots of fun. "... from this point on, you will be MINE & NO one can have you!" ~ groom

camera1 I haz hot pics of my hair.

document1 Back to finishing [ profile] jesummary
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I'm totally happy with my nails this time! But it's late and I need sleep!


1. You must take between six and eight new photographs per day.
2. Your WITL must be consecutive. no skipping days.
3. You must post your photographs at the end of that day, sometime after the last picture is taken.
4. Each photograph must have the time taken beneath and a title, with no other explanation.

Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday

my nails are pretty this time! )
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Today is full of laziness and leisure.

I slept in until 10am (totally luxurious!) and had a leisurely late lunch!

It's been a wonderful day so far and I have a jug of sun tea brewing outside to sip and enjoy in an hour or so.

Today has been made even sweeter after I found out I have tickets to see KAT-TUN in Osaka and w-inds. in Yokohama! :D SO EXCITED, EVERYONE!!! I flailed super hard at mousaPi and shabz. Now to find tickets for Kanjani8 in Fukui. *crosses fingers!*


Now I've got America's Best Dance Crew on tv and about to work on [ profile] jesummary and a few other things.

Best lazy day ever.
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thumbsup It's Wednesday! My favorite day! HUMP DAY!

sun It's gorgeous outside! :D

camera1 Scans of pretty boys are OUT!

plane My travel plans for the next few months entails the following:
~* Seattle ~ Jan. 16-20 ~ for my BIRTHDAY with wifey, Erisu, and Clare!
~* Los Angeles ~ May 10-11 ~ [ profile] veilsdegto's bridal shower

;alskfj;asf. So, this is totally in keeping with my New Year's Resolution next year which is to TRAVEL MORE.


tv YUKAN CLUB. JINNIFER. YES YES YES YES. HOW I LOVE JIN SO MUCH. I adore this series for the utter crack and pretty and dorkiness that abounds. Plot? What's that?! Pffft. Who needs plot when you have JIN and YOKO! *____*

loveletter I had an exciting email come in today and I'm super gleeful over it.

japanesetea Je_hol fic will be conquered soon. :| Then I can go off and write other things. Like my other fest fic. :|

footprint I'm wearing my nifty legwarmers and I am very thankful to [ profile] moof for recommending Sock Dreams to me. I've been very happy with it!

snail My boss announced that he's leaving the company. About 4 stones worth of relief fell off my shoulders since I will not have to endure his nitpicky ways for much longer. No more stress and fists of fury flapping around in dark corners of the building for me! At least until my new boss shows how much of an ass he is. :D But I am now job-hunting and now-leaving-boss said he'll give us recommendation/reference letters. :D

present I'm in the holiday spirit. ARE YOU?

*twirls around*
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I want to flail over Arashi's latest PV, Happiness.

I want to flail over w-inds. winning the Best "Student Voice" Group Award.

I want to flail over how good Jin looks and sounds on today's Shounen Club.

I want to flail over Pinky and Six Senses.

I want to flail over Hana Kimi ep. 8 and Oguri Shun.

I want to flail over Keita taking off his tank top and showing everyone at the concert [ profile] shimmeredusk and [ profile] akahannah went to since he's shy about his body but not his arms.

But I can't.

My beloved dog is dying and currently at the emergency vet clinic.

And all I can think of is the inevitability of death and the impending sadness. With my sister crying since early morning and all day long, I feel like I'm a horrible person for not shedding a single tear yet. Not even when she asks me why I'm not crying.

I am sad. and in shock. She's our first pet ever and my sister doted on her even though she is never home to take care of her.

I don't know what to do or say that could convey just how deeply I feel about things.
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I really love this icon. Ryohei is totally a Ravenclaw. *___* and a blue butterfly.

I am now back at home (have been since Sunday afternoon) and I really miss everyone at Prophecy! I had an absolute blast! It was good to see familiar faces (from Lumos!!!) and meet new ones!

Prophecy! )


That took forever to type. :D Anyways, the gist is that I had a blast and am wondering who's going to TERMINUS in Chicago, PORTUS in Dallas, and we are ALL GOING TO SECTUS IN 2009, Y/Y?

I came home utterly exhausted but to the chants of "UCHI UCHI UCHI UCHI" from my non-HP, JE-luvin' flist and flailed in "UCHIUCHIUCHI" chat, so I will be stalking friending everyone from that as well as whomever wants to read my boring journal from Prophecy. *flails* Plus, seeing Ohmiya cuddle is adorably cute and I want fic! And then I read [ profile] pinkpapyrus's Uchi/Kanjani8 fic and I flailed some more.

The last 6 days have been fantastic. ♥

P.S. [ profile] simplyjenn, I have your wedding present! I got my dates mixed up and I missed out on it! D: But I will send it to you soooooon!!!!!!! *SMOOOOOOCHIES* I AM SORRY, I FAIL.

P.P.S. CONGRATS, [ profile] veilsdegto on your engagement!!!!! If you do put me in Orange Taffeta, I am so standing in between you and your hubby on your wedding day. *threatens*

P.P.P.S. Prophecy-goers, I am breaking my own paranoid rule and am saying it's okay to post my picture up under a friends-lock. >_> I may change my mind but seeing how so many people saw me at Lumos/Prophecy and how it is really easy to point me out (OMG! The asian chick with "impressive breasts"! [quoted by [ profile] marksykins]), I am caving in. :-P
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But it's a good kind. After the long, long day on Saturday that was filled with meetings, hanging out, laughter, some pretty good chicken and artichoke pizza, and some w-inds PVs, it was nice to crash out for a few hours. Only to wake up to a gloomy morning, head over to a friend's place for a meet up for Bay to Breakers up in San Francisco.

B2B was AWESOME. Nicolette and Terry went with me for the joyride and we cheated slightly by parking around the 1 mile marker and made our way down with the rest of the teeming masses. It was fun seeing everyone's costumes. Seriously. I saw a bunch of Elvis(es) impersonators, the I Dream of Jeanne jeannes, spawn that ran the opposite way, vikings, pirates, hippies, Smurfs and Smurf village, penguins pushing their iceberg, the Trojan horse (complete with Romans), butt-nekkid men and women, and many, many others.

It was a total blast to see everyone having a fabulous time, dancing, running, drinking in the streets. Total devil-may-care-but-hotdamn-we-don't attitude. It was a plethora of free love, booze, and smiles for everyone and from everyone. We found it incredibly satisfying to be in the midst of such celebrations and felt that life was more like this. Celebrating life and enjoying it past all racial, social, and political lines. There was political and social statements but it was there to promote awareness to the issue.

Twas a fabulous time and everyone was cheering on those who did the footrace in wheelchairs. Especially up the hill. The masses were cheering and encouraging and it made my heart swell with hope and pride as I cheered along with them, amazed at their determination to achieve something beyond their handicap. A very cool experience.

This has kicked out my depression that had been lingering around me the past few weeks. I even crashed out at 7:30pm last night for a well-earned night's rest. I woke up today and thought today was a beautiful day in spite of the weather and the craziness that will ensue for Fanime Con this weekend. Utterly wonderful and I am in love with this euphoria. Of course, that could be a side effect of the ibuprofen I took to help the swelling go down in my ankle/foot since I sprained it lightly yesterday while heading towards the Castro to have a nice brunch with [ profile] vanae12 and other friends at the Luna cafe.

There was so much I wanted to say but I want to cling onto this feeling of life a bit more.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


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