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It's a continued picspam from last time.

Next stop are Honen-in and Nanzen-ji

clicky! )

I love Japan for the sheer beauty of their temples and shrines. I can see why so many people do these pilgrimages from temple to temple. It's such a spiritual journey that I can't help be affected by it. I definitely want to do a pilgrimage in Japan one day. *_____________*
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So I spent a lot of time waiting to be called in for inventory on Saturday ( stupid work. D: ) and I ended up reading Shige's Myojo essays that were translated. I really do like the way he writes and his latest essay talks about "Beauty" and how he went to Kyoto to visit some beautiful temples, two of which I visited on my recent trip to Japan! So with that in mind, this and the next few posts will be a huge picspam. I took a LOT of pictures!

Shige (who is a member of NewS) started his tour with Kiyomizudera. I haven't finished uploading the pictures of that yet but I do have pictures of Ginkakuji (aka The Temple of the Silver Pavilion), his second stop. There are a lot of pictures, so if you're on dial-up, I'm sorry! I love the scenery way too much!

Ginkakuji, the Silver Pavilion )
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So I loaded another folder full of pictures. This time, these are taken in front of Sensoji in Asakusa, Tokyo on April 14. I really enjoyed this temple but it was CROWDED. Full of tourists, visitors, worshippers, and a high school band competition (which I failed to get pictures of. Ooops.)

Sensoji and Asakusaji )
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Because I just want to flail at people again. XD

Remember when I picspammed everyone with pics of the really cute "akame" boy/promoter? He promotes for a band called Alma whose lead vocalist is Shirota Jun.

As in Shirota YUU (of D-BOYS and TeniMyu)'s older brother.

And the one who sold the friendship necklaces Jin bought for himself, Yamapi, and Yuu.

Yes. I have been flailing over the random Yampi/Jin connection all morning. It made my day to realize I had another fandom experience TWO days prior to talking to Aiba-chan (of Arashi) on the phone at his parents' restaurant. After finding out more about Ikuto Toma. Thanks, [ profile] ilanabean42


I wonder what will happen next year when I'm in Seoul and Tokyo again with [ profile] halffling and [ profile] next4exits. Could there be a SUJU/DBSK sighting next?! *excited* Or a K8/WaT/w-inds. one with [ profile] shabzilla and [ profile] shimmeredusk?
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So here is the next part of the picspam for Japan 2007! This time, it's my Harajuku folder!

[ profile] lady_gemma, [ profile] kenaressa, [ profile] shinigamitabris, and I had a late morning it was so nice to sleep in! before getting ready to head over to Harajuku in the afternoon. We went on a Saturday (omg, w-inds. fc event the night before was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING.) afternoon after getting gussied up with the makeup and such. [ profile] kenaressa had made beautiful black feathered wings and we strapped them on her when we got to Yoyogi Park (next to the Harajuku JR station!).

Then we went into Harajuku after a few hours of watching [ profile] kenaressa posing, taking pics of other cosplayers, enjoying akame boy the guitarist of the band that was playing on the street. We also found ネロウメロウ there where wifey and I fell in love with their music. :D

So enough of the babble and onto the pictures. After all, that's what you want from me, right?

A subculture in a kaleidoscope of fashion/Prowl the streets of Harajuku )

Sorry to dial-up users! well, not really. :D
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So I realized, while sitting busy at work and tapping away at stupid documentation, that I didn't share any pics from my Japan trip but I have SO MANY PICTURES that I will need to do them in a lot of little chunks say hi to nearly 3gb of pics!. As I make an effort to avoid doing work on my break, here are the pretty sakura on the Philosopher's Walk in Kyoto.

[ profile] shinigamitabris, [ profile] lady_gemma, and I wandered about Ginkakuji (the Silver Pavilion) before doing the Philosopher's Walk. We ended the Philosopher's Walk with a tour of Nanzen-ji. It was a really beautiful walk and the side trip to Honen-in Temple was absolutely fabulous and serene. Definately one of my favorite places to see in Kyoto other than Kiyomizu-dera.

Apologies to all dial-up users. The pics are sort of big and I don't want to use any thumbnails. XD

the sea of pink blossoms overwhelm me. But I like the blue sky through them. )

Definately one of my fondest memories of Japan. Including the insane amount of walking done.
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Spamming y'all again but this time with something from my trip to Japan!

finding a new band is so much fun )
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Eating potatoes in the morning was something I thought I could handle after being sick for nearly three weeks. Something with carbs, that wasn't laden with grease (welcome back home, says America), something that wasn't cooked with someone smoking a cig around me (welcome back home, says California.), and something that my stomach would accept (what the hell, says stomach, gimme my japanese yogurt!).

Unfortunately, I am gravely mistaken. Body, I am unamused. And in pain.

So I turn to spamming my flist with pictures. Sadly, I'm still uploading but here's a teaser and I just feel like ogling a hot guy. Found him in Harajuku on April 8th passing out flyers for his friends' band. He was utterly cute and adorable and had a charming smile. He also looked the best combination of Jin and Kame from KAT-TUN and thus, I dubbed him "akame" boy to [ profile] shinigamitabris and [ profile] lady_gemma whose jaws dropped when I pointed him out while watching this duo perform (a rapper/singer and a guitarist). He was so cute when he handed us flyers and handed me more stuff after I took pictures of the *coughs*guitarist*coughs* band playing. And he was super sweet and took [ profile] lady_gemma and my picture with the guitarist, um, band. We also took some paparazzi style photos and here's the results.

akame boy is pretty darn fine. Much finer than the bridge accoutrements. )

But JIN is back and I'm glad (SQUEEFUL, even) to have him back. I swear I flailed at [ profile] mousapelli so hard when I saw the You PV. Who else flailed too? JIN. WITH CHUBBY CHEEKS. AND THE SAME KILLER SMILE.

yes, this is a futile effort to cheer myself up. What a rollercoaster of a week. -_-
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seeing how it's super early in Tokyo and my body has not adjusted to San Francisco time, I have been awake since half past midnight on a few hours of sleep and am severely looooooonging for my bed. But work is keeping me hostage (gotta pay all those bills!) and I am unamused at my proclivity to nod off while trying to read numbers on my screen. Especially when sleep deprived.

Ah well. Here's a picture from my time in Kyoto doing the Philosopher's walk between Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion) and Nanzen-ji.

a sea of pinks and it's not YamaPi's clothes. Nor Keita's. )

More to come when I wake up enough to upload them all on ImageShack. Or Yahoo!albums. Or something.

*falls over*

P.S. I don't know if I ever mentioned this but the horrible event at VTech has me glued to the interwebs all day and my heart, prayers, and hopes goes out to those who have friends, family, acquaintances there. It sickens me to think that someone can sink so low into despair/depravity to do such a thing and yet in the midst of all that tragedy, the courage of those who died to save others remain an inspiration.

It's sad that we go to school to expand our horizons and explore the world with a thirst for knowledge and then when things like this happen, the victims never get to see their full potential in life and the world loses some valuable people. I can hope and pray and pull inspiration from those who died and those who survived and keep on living to make a difference.

May they rest in peace.
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Am home now. Well, actually, I'm at work but I arrived home yesterday more or less safely and had a good nap almost immediately upon seeing my bed.

[ profile] shinigamitabris left yesterday after a short nap together (yes, all of us conked out for a half hour) and [ profile] lady_gemma is still sleeping.

Will put together a report of my journey when I am less jetlagged and not so harrassed at work.

I have a feeling that this work week is gonna SUCK.
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So I may have picked up some OCD tendencies from someone *coughs*wifey*coughs* and now have a nice stack of DBSK and w-inds. cds.

Want to see? Here you go.


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SO. Yesterday, [ profile] shinigamitabris, [ profile] lady_gemma, and [ profile] akahannah, and I trekked out to eat at Aiba's (from ARASHI) parents' Chinese restaurant. I was craving chinese food (just like home cooking!) and thought it would be fun to do on a Tuesday.

So we went, found the restaurant, had some DELICOUS Chinese food (it rivals my fav. Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, SF), talked to Aiba's mom, and THEN TALKED TO AIBA MASAKI HIMSELF.

It was A GLORIOUS MOMENT of fangirl glee. Especially since he spoke English back to me.



Um. Going to try and calm down and go to the Ghibli Museum! Totoro pics for [ profile] etoilenoir959 coming soooooon!
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Because baby da pump didn't believe me when i said i missed her and everyone else (h0bag, mousie, shabz, deb, etc etc too many too list this early in the morning), here is a post to say that I MISS YOU ALL.

And i'm having a blast in japan. Especially at harajuku and shibuya. Also, Shinjuku is a DAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGEROUS place for me. *_______________*

*squishes ShabzTeej*

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Okay. I'm in Japan. Safe. Sound. Sane. (well...maybe. SO MUCH PRETTY BOYS THINGS TO SEE.

And yeah, my grammar sucks right now as wifey pointed out over my shoulder. ("i'm not over your shoulder, i'm ON your shoulder." wifey scolds me.)

this pointless post to inform y'all that i am alive, aching, and ecstatic to be in japan. And I will be hopefully posting more when i get to Tokyo and get the interwebs at our hotel.


this post has been brought to you by the letters Double YOU.EYE.EN.DEE.ESSSSSSS.
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i have a wifey and andi here with me in cali! w00t!! and we will all go up to SF to meet up with [ profile] halffling, [ profile] next4exits, and [ profile] firefly_wish.

*flails* i am so hyper. I totally want this work day to be over with asap!!!!

Plus, i so did not stay up until 2am, giggling madly, and spamming them both with SuJu vids. Esp. SuJu vids of them trying to dance like DBSK. Or their mini-drama efforts + NG scenes.

And no, I did not squeal over how cute Ryeowook and Yesung were in their part of the drama in Ep. 2. Or over Eunhyuk and Donghae. Or Daddy Kangin and Mommy Eeteuk.

Well. not too loudly.

But still. woke up at 5:30am PST and wished it was time to get up to get ready to get on a plane.

49 more hours and we'll be on the plane to JAPAN!
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A head cold snuck up on me and attacked, leaving me all sniffly and miserable for the last day and a half. It was super sneaky because I thought it was just a bad case of allergies but no, it wouldn't clear up with allergy meds and is clearing up after some dayquil.

But I will conquer the cold, nab my sister and head up to Sacramento for my best friend's wedding tomorow. So if you see me online or flashing by, that's where I am. And I'm not getting pinched at ALL because all our ao dais are green. So pretty. Will have pictures of them up later tonight when I get the chance.

Also. Two more weeks until JAPAN. LITERALLY. I AM SO EXCITED. XD
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For everyone who's heading to the Ghibli Museum on the Japan 2007 trip!!!

I need your name, address, telephone#, and passport# to order the tickets for April 9th, 2007. Please email me at! Otherwise, all comments are screened if you want to comment here.
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Two posts in the same morning! Wowsers. Must be because I am actively trying not to procrastinate (since I gave it up for Lent).

Anyways! JAPAN TRIP PEOPLE: [ profile] shinigamitabris, [ profile] sandpanther, [ profile] lady_gemma, [ profile] yzo, [ profile] rightsock, [ profile] damiri, [ profile] kazuhiko04, [ profile] sakon76, & [ profile] seshat.

I need a day for when people want to go check out the Ghibli Museum so I can buy tickets at the JTB at the same time I'm getting rail passes. I am buying everything on TUESDAY, March 6th. So no comment, no go. D: y'all can pay me back in Yen or breakfast/lunch/dinner or something. ^_^

They are closed on Tuesdays. Wednesdays is also out for [ profile] sandpanther's fangirling purposes, so we are left with 4/8 (Sunday), 4/9(Monday), 4/12 (Thursday), 4/13 (Friday), and 4/14 (Saturday).

My vote is for 4/9 (Monday).
[ profile] seshat votes for 4/12 (Thursday)
and 6 votes for any day. ^^;

Sooo...Thursday wins!

Tickets are about 1000Yen. So $10 dolla to holla!

Comment with your pick!


Feb. 18th, 2007 09:37 pm
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For those who are learning Japanese, here are some fun links that will help.

Learn Japanese!

Real Kana

Hope this helps!
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Err...yeah. I just needed to have EVERYTHING in one post so I can find it since I am a lazy fangirl and I like having everything neatly explained in one post. yes, I have picked up wifey's OCD habits, why do you ask? This is mainly for the group going with me: [ profile] sandpanther, [ profile] seshat, [ profile] shinigamitabris, [ profile] lady_gemma, [ profile] yzo, [ profile] rightsock, [ profile] damiri, [ profile] sakon76, [ profile] kazuhiku04 & 2 others who do not use LJ D:

feel free to skip if you ain't on the roll call...or peek if you're curious:




Group INFO )


* I will be constantly updating this, so people on the trip, feel free to put this in the memories for easy access.

* [ profile] sandpanther, I didn't include Jan's flight itenarary as I do not know it. Feel free to forward and I can add it in.

* any other fun suggestions on sightseeing things? One of these days, while puppypiling, I will be forcing everyone to look through their lonely planet guidebook and pick out interesting sights in which I will put in a spreadsheet. I'll email said spreadsheet a week or two before trip. XD

* I will be off to the JTB office to buy JR passes on Feb. 12, 2007. So far, I am buying mine, [ profile] seshat, [ profile] shinigamitabris, & [ profile] lady_gemma (all verbally confirmed with me) as well as [ profile] rightsock & [ profile] damiri (text confirmed). [ profile] yzo, wanna come with me on that day? Since you work down the street. We can pick up other ducklings' passes as well. Just let me know in advance!

* Current USD:Yen Exchange rate: 1USD : 121 YEN <~ as of 10.54am PST 01/26/2007
1USD : 1117Yen <~ as of 3:41pm PST 03/14/07

* 3/14/07 Just re-arranged flight info by who's leaving first. ^_^ and added the link to Transportation information on Miyajima.

* 3/21/07 Just added more links! XD

Can I just say I am TOTALLY EXCITED!!!! I think I need a countdown thingy for this trip. :3


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