Oct. 1st, 2010 01:30 am
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So I forgot to write and say that I'm taking a long holiday (well, only 2 weeks worth) in Europe.

Things are fairly stable at home so the BF and I went ahead with our Eurotrip.
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Still alive here!

I wanted to talk about a few things, wrap up my crazy month of April, and talk about my crazier month of May.

But I'm back from New Jersey safely after missing my flight on Sunday. Got to see [Bad username or site: marksykins title=marksy @] get hitched and nearly shed a tear or two. Got [Bad username or site: illumination title=Dichan @] drunk. :Dv Ate some delicious food and had a blast with [Bad username or site: mousapelli title=mousaPi @], [Bad username or site: longleggedgit title=Linds @], [Bad username or site: illumination title=Dichan @], and [Bad username or site: marksykins title=marksy @]!

and then I came home and dived into a huge pile of Fanime emails.

but I have to run! As [Bad username or site: jackoweskla title=Koyamamamamama @] put it, I'm currently dealing with swine-flu related misfortunes. :(
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After trying to get a good buzz going at [ profile] marksykins' wedding for the first 9 drinks, I ended up getting smashed a half hour after 9 shots and the wedding at midnight, east coast time.

But at least I got [ profile] illuminations completely drunker than she's ever been.

A shot of Malibu Coconut Rum is pretty awful. Dichan had a shot of Bicardi Coconut, so I don't know how that tastes. All I know is that I'm pretty tipsy and Dichan's on the computer typing a million miles a minute.
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Hey everyone, I'm in Pennsylvania with Mousapi! :D

Today was just a long day of travel but now we're sitting next to each other on our laptops. :D Her on Shoon and me on Jaebaby.

I'm excited for [ profile] marksykins' wedding.

And I'm trying not to do too much Fanime stuff. It's a vacation! almost
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Am packing to go to [ profile] marksykins wedding this weekend. Gonna see mousaPi, Di-Chan, and Linds.

I'm totally excited for this weekend despite thunderstorm warnings for the area!!!

Also, this is my THIRD and LAST wedding in THIRTY DAYS. After this, it's all about Fanime, darlings.

Are you interested in seeing what Fanime is like? I'm planning to do a Week in My Life in pictures again. Hopefully, I will have time!
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Oh hey, look who is online again!? Yup. That's right. ME!!! *happy dance*

Which isn't to say that I haven't exactly been without internet connection since I last posted in the warm lobby of the Hilton Seattle where I was enjoying Sakura-Con with some fantastic friends and making new ones. I've had internet......on my blackberry (aka Shige-Dex). I just haven't had time to make a post!

So what's new/happening/exciting in my life in the past two weeks?

I'm so glad you asked! )

So. How are you doing this fine spring? :D Less hectic than me, I hope. One day soon I will actually comment on your posts! Promise!


Apr. 8th, 2009 07:12 pm
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plane Going to Seattle tomorrow for Sakura-Con with wifey, clare, and erisu!!! I'm excited!

mailto Been working on lots of Fanime emails and stuff.

anger Been irritated!

eyes watched Fast & Furious and thought it was fun to watch. And no, I don't think Vin Diesel is hot. But yes, the cars are. :D

arrowup I've been made a Yelp Elite! :D

sweat Hot Jin pics from Popeye is HOT. Smoking hot. *_____________*

cherryblossom I'll miss the Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend in SF's Japantown. :( But hopefully I can go next weekend....maybe.

thumbsup My cousin's wedding was amazingly gorgeous and lots of fun. "... from this point on, you will be MINE & NO one can have you!" ~ groom

camera1 I haz hot pics of my hair.

document1 Back to finishing [ profile] jesummary
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How did this year pass by so fast?

I'm still a bit boggled by how quickly time passed me by and that it probably all meant that I was too darn busy to notice! I was telling a few friends that I felt that I didn't accomplish very much this year. So I decided to do a Year in Review and to remind myself that I did accomplish a lot!

I combined it with that meme (Take the first sentence (or two) from the first post of each month of 2008. That's your year in review.)

So what did I do? )

I...think I need more sleep. XD
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my life in bullet points.

arrowup The wedding went beautifully and being with friends and family is so very amazing. Especially when the entire bridal party would get up and dance and most of them knew how to shake their money-maker.

cake Mmmmmmm. Wedding cake had 3 flavors. So delicious.

sake The shots of Remy. I will only drink cognac on special occasions in celebration for certain people.

DD: Because I don't like cognac at all.

shoe My nails were hot as was my makeup, dress, and hair.

-_- Work at 1am was not fun. especially after a long day filled with wedding activities.

jeans My legwarmers came in and I am going to sport them on this beautiful, chilly October day.

document1 I also need to do my Japanese homwork.

downarrow My piercings ache since I accidentally slept on them again. Oops.

sleepy After getting about 4-5 hours of sleep all week, I slept myself out today. It felt completely decadent. Along with this coconut truffle I am eating.

rice Time to make myself a bowl of Pho and run errands.

thumbsup I am so glad my internet is back.

hearts I missed you all.
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So I went shopping yesterday. Totally on a mission for something cute to wear to [ profile] bluebyyou's wedding this upcoming Saturday. Totally last minute, I know, but it was when I had some free time!

I also found the shoes for the dress and for my Maid of Honor dress for[ profile] karberry's wedding. :D Btw, I was really tempted to buy a TON of shoes at DSW. Again, I mourn over the fact that my closet isn't bigger. ;_;

the goodies! )

I'm in the mood to take some pictures. What do you guys want a picture of? :D I'll snap a photo and upload it!
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I've been a bit restless tonight. Exhausted but restless. I've been working 11-12 hour days this week and half of last week and will probably do so until my class starts on the 22nd of this month. Work is insane but I'm learning so much. :D I can read some of the SUPRTOOL code that we use at work to solve problems and have been feeling bits and pieces of pride in between the rush to get things done and the feeling that I'm not doing enough to meet expectations. Add in an unexpected systems migration to an open systems (or Windows/Oracle) in the mix along with rock-solid commitments for two weddings and a festival and you will get an exhausted me. As Iso and I like to say....MMRRRR. :|

And now I can't sleep. wah.

Time to list all the things I need to do not at work/weddings/festival. I should probably schedule my time better. >.>
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*flops* sleepy

Life has taken a rather hectic turn. Well, more hectic than usual. :-P

phone3 Work has increased and I find myself staying longer and longer or working on Saturdays just to be able to keep up and breathe above water. My coworker is recovering nicely from his heart surgery but I will be most relieved when he is back in the office mid-September. Until then, let's see how well I can balance the increase of work with everything else.

document1 I've taken to writing to do lists lately. And then fail at finishing half of them. Like practicing my hiragana. But I've been working on [ profile] karberry & kuya's wedding stuff and the fun joint bridal party invitations are looking cute. I still need to finish more of them and get the addresses to send them off but I am enjoying the theme so far. :D "Sweet & Sour Soiree" is what the party is called. I've got a few recipes to try out!

eyes I had a list of things I wanted to talk about but I forgot. face26

Oh, I remember!

rice I've been eating a lot recently. So many parties and bachelorette parties and meet ups and fooooood!!! But I am being good and started working out again. I started out slow and just walked but I'm hoping that I can keep up and hit the gym every day so I can fit into that dress. I'm also back to that no refined sugar diet I was on last year. I found it helped a lot!

snowman [ profile] je_holiday signups are closed and man, I was bouncing in excitement when it closed. 106 people signed up! SO EXCITING. Now, I have to schedule time to work on the assignments with Beth since work has stepped up it's frenzy. Let's hope I don't fall over in exhaustion by the time this week is out.

baseball I'm sad the Olympics are over. But I am looking forward to the Winter Olympics. :D

magnify I started playing more with my makeup after reading [ profile] koneho's beauty/makeup posts. I have so much MAC makeup! But my color palette is not very diverse. It's all blues, purples, and greens. Neutral? What's that? ^_^;;

book1 Also, I have a project for next year. I'm going to scrapbook a journal of my travels. Especially since my goal of exploring California next year in lieu of a big overseas trip.

soon I miss having free time. Wandering around Michael's for supplies to make the invitations made me want to pick up my arts&crafts hobbies again.

clock wahhh. I feel like I'm forgetting something and the clock is working against me.

bell I don't know if I want expensive jewelry or another trip more right now. Tiffany's or Carmel?

arrowround I'm also feeling a bit useless. All this time has gone by and what exactly have I accomplished? I should ponder this with over a glass of pinot noir.
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[ profile] veilsdegto's wedding was at Yamashiro Restaurant in Hollywood, CA. A gorgeous, gorgeous restaurant up on a hill with a really nice view of the LA and the smog. I got to the restaurant a bit late for the rehearsal but it all worked out in the end. :D Plus, driving a convertable 350Z through LA traffic was sorta fun. I was blasting some JE/w-inds./DBSK music with the top down. ;-)

Anyways, here's some pictures of the wedding! Yay for a huge picspam!

Hollywood, here I come! )

Now off to dinner with Fishbot and family!
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*collapses into bed*

Life has been a whirlwind of activity lately! Here's some of the things I did since the last big update!

catface 2 1/2 weeks of [ profile] jesummary is done!

sparkles [ profile] veilsdegto's wedding was gorgeous! Pics to come at the end of the post!

plane Flying to LA and back made me want to go on another trip in the next few months.

car2 But my car died last Friday. T_T

document1 Two meetings this month so far! I've been pretty productive for Fanime. :D

downarrow Had to tow my car to the cousin's shop and get new car parts. D: Need monies.

rice Ate a lot of food this weekend! *___* So yummy!

arrowup Got my car back, all fixed! Yay! Ria's now working!

melody Going to see GLAY with [ profile] nihongofrancais, [ profile] kamikaze_bunny, [ profile] haru_no_sakura, [ profile] liangzhu, and [ profile] slitherisa!!! Concerts are always more fun with awesome people. Plus, it's GLAY! My first JRock band I ever loved and HOW I LOVE THEM SO RIGHT NOW!!!! *__________________* HISASHIIIIIIIIII!!! JIROOOO!!!!

briefcase I am neglecting wedding stuff for other things. bad jemz.

sleepy I'm neglecting it in favor for sleep.

night But it's late and I have to work tomorrow so you will have to wait for the wedding picspam and the rest of my Japan trip picspam on Wednesday!

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Konbonwa, minna-san!

It's been a while, ne? ^_^;;

So many things happened in the past few weeks!! Flying off to wonderful places plane, seeing great friends hehehehe, eating delicious food rice, and having a lot of fun!!

[ profile] veilsdegto's wedding was gorgeous and made me feel so happy for her! I had a beautiful time in Hollywood and I love the way my nails make me feel. But of course, I was in Hollywood!

But I'll post more on that later! I've been on the go for a while and it's starting to catch up! Time to rest my body sleepy and stay strong.

Minna-san, take good care of your health and don't always be on the go like I am!
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A bit tipsy here! ^_^;;
I went out to meet some friends at a party and ended up staying later than expected! But now I am packing and my head is a bit dizzy *O* I've met some realy cool people though.

And some not so cool people.

D: Why do boys always have to insult my body type? It makes me angry that they don't take the time to know me and just say something superficial about me. anger Because people are more than just their bodies, ne?


Anyways, I am packing for the wedding on Saturday. plane I'm flying out tomorrow! So excited to be on a plane so soon! Too bad we are not in Japan anymore. :( But going to Hollywood is fun!

Hopefully, everything will go well for [ profile] veilsdegto's wedding. I hope I'm prepared!

Minna, don't slack on preparations for important events like me! Or you will lose out on sleep. ._.;;

p.s. i like the way my nails look. <3
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Wah, I've been super busy this week! So I'm just listing things really quick!

microphone Sunday's SF JE Meetup went really well! Peyton and I had a blast organizing the event! We gave out omiyage to them in the form of official JE Shop photos I picked up while in Japan. :D Their favorite JE member/group. We ate lunch at the yummy Juban Yakiniku Restaurant. SO YUMMY. We also did PuriKura and the mad purikura scramble when I yelled "SWITCH!". It was great fun. thumbsup Karaoke was also amazing! We had such rockstars in our midst to liven things up in our room. I hope to see you rockstars again at the next meetup!

pigface Afterwards, we came back to San Jose for some delicious food at Izakaya! MMMMMM. NOM NOM NOM. We even had Otokoyama sake. Peyton didn't realize that Jin's dog in Yukan Club was also named after a alcoholic brand! :D Now she does and she likes their light and slightly dry Ginjo. Umaaaaai!

computer Work sucks. I'm still behind and they gave me a ton of things to work on. I've been working overtime like mad to catch up. And WHY WON'T THEY STOP CANCELLING MY FIX OF THE SYSTEM! I've been trying to resynch my live and shadow boxes before I left for Japan after the other dept's incredible muck up and I'm still trying now. Hopefully, it'll all be done by Friday morning. *grumbles*

scissors Bridesmaid dress is altered! The halter was too long but now it's not! :D All I need is shoes to match. Probably my sparkly white heels. I just got sparkly hair pins to match everything since I'm doing my own hair. No way am I going to pay for an overpriced updo in Hollywood.

lipstick Am packing for the wedding! I have almost everything ready. I just had my red highlights retouched earlier tonight. Nails, facial, and eyebrows are going to be done tomorrow. Then all is left is to fly out for the rehearsal dinner. [ profile] veilsdegto, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! TWO MORE DAYS.

shoe Any of my flist still into BPAL? I just culled through everything I have and am going to sell most of it off. I can't wear that much perfume and I don't want them to go to waste. If interested, check this post out. I am not charging anyone one my flist shipping. :D Buy my stuff, plz.

camera1 Pictures of Days 3 and 4 will be up soon! I still have to write up my concert reports but that will have to come after the wedding.

martini Wine party tomorrow night! I am excited to see [ profile] purelica and the rest of our friends and indulge in a glass or two of wine. Maybe it will help me go to bed earlier than 2am.

document1 I need to start this week's [ profile] jesummary. :x

ticket I also need to finish up the bridal party invites for the other wedding I'm in. wahhh, so many weddings!

heartyeyes Jaejoong, Jin, Junsu.....all made my week even better.

^_^;; I may have made more work for myself. But more details on that later.

lightbulb How are all of you?
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So, all my concert tickets are now obtained! Everything is pretty much A GO for Japan! All I need is to pick up the pre-paid phone my friend is lending me, slap some money on it, and then start printing directions and information to put into my clear file.

I only have bits and pieces of planning left to do! I'm totally excited!

Now to finish up my wedding preparations. Everything is in order for the first wedding and I'm currently working on the joint bridal party and the bachelorette party themes. :D Thanks to [ profile] bitofpixiedust, [ profile] tinyangl, and [ profile] nihongofrancais for listening to me babble about themes and colors and invitations. heart1

OH! If anyone has any ideas for Japanese musical groups they want to see perform in the United States, I'm taking in suggestions! Please keep in mind that I probably won't have the budget to get really top names like Gackt, T.M. Revolution, any of the JE groups, or Ayumi Hamasaki. But I am curious if there are bands I should be checking out for Fanime. :D Let me know! Pimp them to me!
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So many things have happened in the past 3 days!

ngày thứ bảy - I flew to LA in the morning. Little did I realize that my terminal was not connected to Cara's terminal and was really at the opposite side. So, with about 40 minutes to spare, I walked to her terminal. :D Then we were picked up by [ profile] karinberry and hung out in Little Tokyo! We met up with [ profile] ilanabean42, her sister, and her crazy friend (HI!) for more hanging out before checking into our hotel. Btw, the Miyako Hotel rocks! Heated toilet seats and region-free dvd player allowed us to relax and giggle over great concerts! [ profile] saturnianlove joined us after her long drive and we giggled some more with her.

We met up with [ profile] peroxidepest17 in the evening after an adventure in getting LOST. I showed my mettle in the driver's seat by keeping up with [ profile] karinberry. XD After dinner, it was KARAOKE time in K-town. Lots of fun! Especially if you know all the hand movements and hip thrusting. Daite, Daite Senorita! *hip swivels*

chủ nhật - We woke up and had a leisurely morning of getting ready before heading down for a brunch. Did some quick last minute shopping after checking out of the hotel. Sadly, we had to part and thus began losing people. Said goodbye to [ profile] saturnianlove at the parking structure, then [ profile] ilanabean42 at the train station, and to [ profile] karinberry & [ profile] pastdazed at my terminal. <3 It was almost teary for me and then we resolved to do this at least once a year! :D With me planning it again. ;-)

I then flew home. [ profile] rightsock was kind enough to pick me up and take me straight to the Fanime meeting, in which I was immediately pulled into some quick but important meetings. Left at 5:30pm and came home. Crashed out for ages. XD All that excitement, y0.

ngày thứ hai - Today was catch-up day. I caught up on sleep and was totally late. I had a lot of work I still need to catch up on. I saw previews of KAT-TUN's Don't U Ever Stop PV in bad fancam quality. I took over [ profile] jesummary (next post goes up tomorrow night!). And I found some time tonight to help my kuya and his fiancee do the invitations during our weekly Dancing With the Stars night. :D

Also, watched Rain & Colbert dance! Thanks to [ profile] elise_maxwell for the link!

Now I still have a bunch of things to do and I'll try to get to them tomorrow! I've been super busy lately and have been SO BAD at being a good friend online despite being that social butterfly. XD I'll do them tomorrow! My bed is calling out my name! Hope everyone is doing well and NOT STRESSING OUT LIKE I AM. a;fkja;slfkjas;lf 15 more days!!!


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