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It's been a hectic time but I am determined to send out Holiday cards!

So if you want one, comment (it will be screened) below! If you want to send me one, let me know and I can PM my address. :)
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Christmas Card time!

I'm trying to do things early since life has been really hectic. But if you want a handwritten holiday card from me, fill out the poll! I promise not to be behind this year.

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Weekend was good. Full of "me" time and utter laziness. I didn't do a whole lot but just think and stare out the window and a bit of shopping. It's not often that I spend a day or so being completely still but when I do, it's really nice. I feel a change coming on despite the hectic days of the upcoming months. Things are progressing and I actually feel like I'm growing rather than stagnating at a spot that I was staring at for so long.

Also, went out with the girls on Saturday. Full of fun, wine, and laughter. We ended up at a better club after a while where we danced and grooved and shook it like a saltshaker. I haven't danced with that many guys in a long time so it was a lot of fun. As [ profile] shimmeredusk knows, some of us were picked up on and received invites to go elsewhere. ;-) But we ended up hanging out with some guys are their place where I made a new friend and we bonded over Japan. :D He's going to visit his brother who lives in Shibuya in a few weeks and I was excitedly telling him all the places he should definitely hit up. Things are just fun and I'm just in a happy mood.

Somehow, I don't think my "nampa" stories are as interesting as Teej's. :D

Also, must do fest fics soooooon. :O

Also, it's time for that pesky holiday card poll thingy. Please leave your address in the comments. If I have your address already, chances are, you'll be getting one from me. If not, I'll be more than happy to send you one! *determined* Comments are screened!

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I've been busting my brains at work with all the long hours I've been putting in and the squeeing at co-workers over my trip.

Speaking of my trip, I AM LEAVING FOR NYC in 2 DAYS!!!!!! *squeees at you all* I am, of course, will bring a list of addies to send postcards to people, so if you want one, LET ME KNOW by manana because once I leave, I may not have 'net access.

[ profile] thermidor and I have tickets to see a midnight showing at a theatre near our hotel for Thursday night. I am definately calling all my cali peeps right before the showing to squee at y'all...*coughs*[ profile] happyhien,[ profile] no8ody,etc*coughs* Then, on Friday, [ profile] thermidor, [ profile] dramaphile, and I (hopefully) will meet up with everyone else ([ profile] kerryblaze, [ profile] se_spotwood, [ profile] starrysummer, and friends). Saturday, the boys from CT will be meeting up with us. Expect me call you, [ profile] tm_nicholas!!! I will squee at you. *promises*

I will be wandering around the streets of Manhattan all on my lonesome on Thursday. Any one want to suggest something for me to gawk at or a place to visit?

Okay, I need to do some pimpin' for Rock For Aids events that are coming up on Nov. 30 & Dec. 3rd )Sooooo, all y'all in the Bay Area, come out and support! ^_^

Yay for Holidays coming up! *snuggles everyone tightly* I'm still taking in addies for Holiday Cards! I'll try to do something neat or special or I may just fail completely and send you lots of verbal hugs. ^_^


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