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Hey all,

Just wanted to know who's going to Jin's concert in June?

:D My other half and I may or may not be planning some devious things while we are down there.

I already know a few who are going since they are staying in the rooms I booked and the hotel we're in. But any others?
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Life is a blend of hectic activity, exhaustion, and Important Events.

I hate cleaning. Just saying'.

Planning my costume for my Halloween wine party. It's going to be fun! :D I'm gonna be a pirate since I have KAT-TUN's pirate sword penlight to help me out. Arrrgh, matey!

I started to do hiking with the bf. Who's an avid hiker and a big meanie for starting me out on one of the hardest trails in the area.

New phone! :D I got the Blackberry Tour. It's quite shiny.

Ssved some b00bies during my 5K walk in the OC last week. One of the biggest ones in the nation. There were 25,000 other people saving b00bies. :D

Sadly, I had to take out my left tragus piercing due to migration. I'm debating if I want to re-pierce it or not. Migrating after a year and a half is not something I care to repeat.

I've been going to the gym more. Which is good. The only bad parts are that I am sore and that I have less time to devote to LJ.

Still struggling with a few things but I'm hoping things will turn out okay. I'm anxiously waiting for that day.

I haz new Juicy Couture glasses. And they are sexy with their anti-glare coating.

Guess where I'll be NEXT WEEKEND?!?!?!?!?! Having dinner with [ profile] musikologie, [ profile] anumuan, and maybe [ profile] DC. :D

<3 to all of you!
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Still alive here!

I wanted to talk about a few things, wrap up my crazy month of April, and talk about my crazier month of May.

But I'm back from New Jersey safely after missing my flight on Sunday. Got to see [Bad username or site: marksykins title=marksy @] get hitched and nearly shed a tear or two. Got [Bad username or site: illumination title=Dichan @] drunk. :Dv Ate some delicious food and had a blast with [Bad username or site: mousapelli title=mousaPi @], [Bad username or site: longleggedgit title=Linds @], [Bad username or site: illumination title=Dichan @], and [Bad username or site: marksykins title=marksy @]!

and then I came home and dived into a huge pile of Fanime emails.

but I have to run! As [Bad username or site: jackoweskla title=Koyamamamamama @] put it, I'm currently dealing with swine-flu related misfortunes. :(
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Hey everyone, I'm in Pennsylvania with Mousapi! :D

Today was just a long day of travel but now we're sitting next to each other on our laptops. :D Her on Shoon and me on Jaebaby.

I'm excited for [ profile] marksykins' wedding.

And I'm trying not to do too much Fanime stuff. It's a vacation! almost
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Oh hey, look who is online again!? Yup. That's right. ME!!! *happy dance*

Which isn't to say that I haven't exactly been without internet connection since I last posted in the warm lobby of the Hilton Seattle where I was enjoying Sakura-Con with some fantastic friends and making new ones. I've had internet......on my blackberry (aka Shige-Dex). I just haven't had time to make a post!

So what's new/happening/exciting in my life in the past two weeks?

I'm so glad you asked! )

So. How are you doing this fine spring? :D Less hectic than me, I hope. One day soon I will actually comment on your posts! Promise!
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Hellooooooo from Seattle!!!

I'm here and having a lot of fun. :D I've seen a few panels, took some pictures, generally got lost in the convention center that Sakura-Con is held in. :D It's not raining so far but it's a bit chilly! Brrrr. Too bad I didn't bring a warmer coat!

Perhaps there will be pictures but I will have to steal them from my roommates!

Also, I'm amused that wifey has a fanclub. So cute! Her fangirls! :D Makes me a bit envious that I don't have any but that's okay. I don't want to get stalked! XD

But it's getting really late and the bed is calling my name!


Apr. 8th, 2009 07:12 pm
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plane Going to Seattle tomorrow for Sakura-Con with wifey, clare, and erisu!!! I'm excited!

mailto Been working on lots of Fanime emails and stuff.

anger Been irritated!

eyes watched Fast & Furious and thought it was fun to watch. And no, I don't think Vin Diesel is hot. But yes, the cars are. :D

arrowup I've been made a Yelp Elite! :D

sweat Hot Jin pics from Popeye is HOT. Smoking hot. *_____________*

cherryblossom I'll miss the Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend in SF's Japantown. :( But hopefully I can go next weekend....maybe.

thumbsup My cousin's wedding was amazingly gorgeous and lots of fun. "... from this point on, you will be MINE & NO one can have you!" ~ groom

camera1 I haz hot pics of my hair.

document1 Back to finishing [ profile] jesummary
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Konbachiwa, minna-san

It's jemz in New Orleans

The trip has been very smooth and meeting up with Iso-chan and Jeny-chan has been incredible Lots of laughter and fun

We've been enjoying the day together. Lots of drinking, y0 This weekend will be filled with laughter, , and fun.

Vacations are wonderful, aren't they? I will try my best to enjoy this vacation

Hope everyone is doing well!
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Yo. I'm still here! Still busy! I'm frantically packing, procrastinating, packing, getting things together, packing for NEW ORLEANS to see ISO and JENY. OMG. I'm so excited! You have no idea how much running around I've done. I haven't checked LJ in ages and I feel so behind!!!

BUT BACK TO PACKING THINGS TO SEE ISO. OMG. YAY!!!!! Next time I post, I'll be in New Orleans. With ISO and Jeny. FLAILING LIKE MAD. fja;sldkfj;aslkdfj;laskjf;asldfj;aldsfkj;aldsfkja;ldsfkj;asldfj;ladsjf;ladsjf;ladsjf;ladsjf;ljadf;ljadsf;lja;ldsfj;ladsjf;lasdjf;lafdj

This means a long weekend of fun, laughter, ISO and JENY, bachelorette party madness, drinks galore, banana fosters at Brennan's, dinner at Palace Cafe, clubbing, dancing, girl talking, sexy dresses and fierce makeup, and a whole lotta fun.

Gotta finish packing, shower, and sleep before going in to work for a half day. I'm flying out at 2:30pm, so watch out for random text messages from me as I WILL BE STUCK in Vegas for 2 1/2 hours without interwebs. woe.
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Home from LA. Miss Karen and Kon-chan already. Sad I missed K & D at lunch. (Wah, I'm sorry!!!) I had a blast at this convention and it was fun doing something a bit less...stressful.

but now, time for sleeeeeeep. I'll work on Fanime stuff tomorrow.
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How did this year pass by so fast?

I'm still a bit boggled by how quickly time passed me by and that it probably all meant that I was too darn busy to notice! I was telling a few friends that I felt that I didn't accomplish very much this year. So I decided to do a Year in Review and to remind myself that I did accomplish a lot!

I combined it with that meme (Take the first sentence (or two) from the first post of each month of 2008. That's your year in review.)

So what did I do? )

I...think I need more sleep. XD
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Life has been busy as usual and I've splurged myself with something I've been wanting for a while. :D

Meet Jaebaby!!! :D He is adorable, cute, tiny, and every things I need in a mini notebook...or netbook as they are also known.

I took Jaebaby with me on my trip to LA. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to introduce [ profile] karinberry to him but everyone else at the meetings on Sunday did. :D

I also had a chance to shop until [ profile] seshat's bff dropped. :D I helped [ profile] seshat spend a lot of money but I think she's happy with what she's got.

I think I am headed to bed but there's a ton more that I want to write. Ah well, I'll save it for tomorrow! :D

Still working on last week's [ profile] jesummary. I've been less of a slacker lately! :D yay me!

Oh, here's a meme. <3

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plane Leaving in about 4 hours to fly to LA.

computer I bought this and flailed a lot at people over it, especially [ profile] impynymph. <33333

lips SEXY, Y/Y/Y/Y/Y?!?!?!?!

briefcase It's coming with me to LA. :D

!? I am contemplating two or three names for it. It would be hilarious if I named it "Oh-No!" though. XD Then I would want a laptop hard drive and name it "Ni-No!"

sweat *runs away from being bricked*

onigiri I've been super busy and pigging out. :/ not the best combination, ne?

document1 Still need to work on [ profile] jesummary too. Wahh. It'll be a bit late. >.>

5am is when I am waking up. Hopefully. *crosses fingers*

sleepy off for a nap.
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[ profile] veilsdegto's wedding was at Yamashiro Restaurant in Hollywood, CA. A gorgeous, gorgeous restaurant up on a hill with a really nice view of the LA and the smog. I got to the restaurant a bit late for the rehearsal but it all worked out in the end. :D Plus, driving a convertable 350Z through LA traffic was sorta fun. I was blasting some JE/w-inds./DBSK music with the top down. ;-)

Anyways, here's some pictures of the wedding! Yay for a huge picspam!

Hollywood, here I come! )

Now off to dinner with Fishbot and family!
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Next picture post of my Japan 2008 trip!

Ummm, I'll be honest. I am not going to do a write up on the Kanjani8 concert in Fukui until after the wedding on Saturday. a;lskfj;laskf need sleep! But I will write one! I promised someone I would on all three but for now, you get pictures! (Sorry for the HUGE picspam post. It'll take a few moments to load.)

Day 3 - Fukui to Kyoto )

Day 4 was spent entirely in Kyoto going to various temples. mousaPi and Shabz graciously allowed me to tailor the day of sightseeing to the temples I wanted to see. So I wanted to show them Kiyomizudera in the early light because it is beautiful in the calm dawn. Then Heian Jingu, recommended to me by [ profile] sandpanther. I wanted to try and hit up Yasaka Jinja if we had time before meeting up with Ilana, [ profile] alissa & co and going off to see Kinkakuji and Ryoanji but we weren't able to.

Still, I think Day 4 was one of my favorite days of all on this trip. Despite everyone calling me Leader. Leader janai!

Temples in order visited!

Kiyomizudera in the summer )

Heian Jingu )

Kinkakuji )

Ryoanji )

After all the temples, we were tired and hungry. So we headed back to Kyoto Station and decided to eat at one of the restaurants in Porta, the underground mall connected to Kyoto Station. We ended up at a okonomiyake place where we all tried okonomiyake for the first time along with takoyaki. SO GOOD. I didn't take any pictures since, in my hunger, I forgot and just enjoyed the meal. :D

We then shopped for a bit in Porta before parting ways, tired and full of delicious food.

Gah, that took longer than I thought! Sleep time. More pictures to come!
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Wah, I've been super busy this week! So I'm just listing things really quick!

microphone Sunday's SF JE Meetup went really well! Peyton and I had a blast organizing the event! We gave out omiyage to them in the form of official JE Shop photos I picked up while in Japan. :D Their favorite JE member/group. We ate lunch at the yummy Juban Yakiniku Restaurant. SO YUMMY. We also did PuriKura and the mad purikura scramble when I yelled "SWITCH!". It was great fun. thumbsup Karaoke was also amazing! We had such rockstars in our midst to liven things up in our room. I hope to see you rockstars again at the next meetup!

pigface Afterwards, we came back to San Jose for some delicious food at Izakaya! MMMMMM. NOM NOM NOM. We even had Otokoyama sake. Peyton didn't realize that Jin's dog in Yukan Club was also named after a alcoholic brand! :D Now she does and she likes their light and slightly dry Ginjo. Umaaaaai!

computer Work sucks. I'm still behind and they gave me a ton of things to work on. I've been working overtime like mad to catch up. And WHY WON'T THEY STOP CANCELLING MY FIX OF THE SYSTEM! I've been trying to resynch my live and shadow boxes before I left for Japan after the other dept's incredible muck up and I'm still trying now. Hopefully, it'll all be done by Friday morning. *grumbles*

scissors Bridesmaid dress is altered! The halter was too long but now it's not! :D All I need is shoes to match. Probably my sparkly white heels. I just got sparkly hair pins to match everything since I'm doing my own hair. No way am I going to pay for an overpriced updo in Hollywood.

lipstick Am packing for the wedding! I have almost everything ready. I just had my red highlights retouched earlier tonight. Nails, facial, and eyebrows are going to be done tomorrow. Then all is left is to fly out for the rehearsal dinner. [ profile] veilsdegto, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! TWO MORE DAYS.

shoe Any of my flist still into BPAL? I just culled through everything I have and am going to sell most of it off. I can't wear that much perfume and I don't want them to go to waste. If interested, check this post out. I am not charging anyone one my flist shipping. :D Buy my stuff, plz.

camera1 Pictures of Days 3 and 4 will be up soon! I still have to write up my concert reports but that will have to come after the wedding.

martini Wine party tomorrow night! I am excited to see [ profile] purelica and the rest of our friends and indulge in a glass or two of wine. Maybe it will help me go to bed earlier than 2am.

document1 I need to start this week's [ profile] jesummary. :x

ticket I also need to finish up the bridal party invites for the other wedding I'm in. wahhh, so many weddings!

heartyeyes Jaejoong, Jin, Junsu.....all made my week even better.

^_^;; I may have made more work for myself. But more details on that later.

lightbulb How are all of you?
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So I've been uploading pictures from Japan and will take it one day at a time, yah? I think I've done some commentary on our first few days before I became tired of writing as we were traveling in high humidity (and really, for a girl who's been living in the dry, dry heat of California, humidity ain't your friend) and we were super spazzy for a lot of the nights.

So without further ado (and I should really try to sleep early and acclimate better), here are pictures of the first day! (sorry, I was too tired lazy to resize the pictures!)

Day 1 - The arrival & Akihabara )

Day 2 - Tsukiji Fish Market, Shin Yokohama, & the Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum )
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long, long day. am going to crash now.
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[ profile] shabzilla wants you all to know that I just pierced her ear. With a Japanese self-piercer.

I feel that we are like Yamapi, Jin, and Kame when they pierced each other's ears.


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