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I'm surprised at myself for not announcing this on my journal yet!

will perform at MusicFest @ FanimeCon 2011

It will be his first performance in the United States and we're very excited to have him at FanimeCon. Keep checking FanimeCon for exciting updates!

Major kudos to my MusicFest staff for doing such a great job!
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Hi Everyone!!!

I'm pleased to announce the second band that will be joining FanimeCon's MusicFest, FLOW.

So excited about their concert on Friday, May 28th. It'll be a BLAST. :D

If you don't know who FLOW is, they are the ones that did two opening theme songs for Naruto, one opening theme song for Code Geass, Persona -trinity soul-, Eureka Seven, & Naruto Shippuden, and the ending theme song for Heroman (which came out last Wednesday!).
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I know I'm usually super busy but this is seriously insane.

~ Work has amped up it's crazy.
~ I've been working out a lot to try and look good for a wedding.
~ Daylights Saving is screwing me out of an hour of work/sleep/panic time.
~ going crazy with the insane amt of work I have to do before the end of the week for FanimeCon.
~ Prepping for Anime Los Angeles.
~ One more. One more month and I hope this crazy rollercoaster stops. I hope it goes away forever and we don't have to go through this again. My fingers are crossed and I'm stressing/praying/hoping so hard.
~ the bf and I are doing good.
~ I'm sad I have no time to do online things.
~ Finally heard the new w-inds. album, Another World. I ♥ it with a passion!!!! SO MUCH.
~ I'm craving a creme brulee.
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♥ It's almost Valentine's Day and I just wanted to let you, my wonderful flist, know that I ♥ you!

♥ BF is sick again. This time with a head cold. I'm trying really hard not to catch it while nursing him back to health. What is it with guys being the biggest baby when sick?!

♥ Snow. I ain't got none. Sorry, east coasters. You stole all the snow from Vancouver.

♥ Speaking of Vancouver, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE WINTER OLYMPICS. MY FAVORITE TIME. Figure Skating, HALF PIPE, Speed Skating. YES.

♥ Homemade baked tortilla chips with guacamole. OM NOM NOM NOM.

♥ Lunar New Year is the same day as Valentine's Day. So this weekend, I spent all day Saturday with BF and his mommy. In Chinatown. Doing what BF & I jokingly call "Chinese Wife Training" aka follow his mom all around Chinatown and learn how to shop like an old Chinese lady.

♥ I'm hopeless addicted to Gardening Mama on the DS. Send help. Or some giant strawberries.

♥ Stay tuned for an announcement on Valentine's Day for FanimeCon's MusicFest! I'm super excited. :D
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It's been a while since I last posted and trust me, things have been uber crazy! Epik High was amazing and lasted until almost midnight but the boys gave a fantastic show since they decided to kick it off in the Bay Area where Tablo, MYK, and KERO ONE are all from around here. Well, technically, Tablo's only lived here for at least 8 years. Old stomping grounds...:D

So now I'm on-site for Fanime. Yay for crazy times ahead! I'm going to get my nails done and then pick up [Bad username or site: mousapelli title=mousaPi @] and Evan at the airport. :D

But before all that, I had mentioned that I was going to do A Week of Life...picture series!

Here's the first one for yesterday!

Wednesday, )

So. How are YOU doing? :D
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Still alive here!

I wanted to talk about a few things, wrap up my crazy month of April, and talk about my crazier month of May.

But I'm back from New Jersey safely after missing my flight on Sunday. Got to see [Bad username or site: marksykins title=marksy @] get hitched and nearly shed a tear or two. Got [Bad username or site: illumination title=Dichan @] drunk. :Dv Ate some delicious food and had a blast with [Bad username or site: mousapelli title=mousaPi @], [Bad username or site: longleggedgit title=Linds @], [Bad username or site: illumination title=Dichan @], and [Bad username or site: marksykins title=marksy @]!

and then I came home and dived into a huge pile of Fanime emails.

but I have to run! As [Bad username or site: jackoweskla title=Koyamamamamama @] put it, I'm currently dealing with swine-flu related misfortunes. :(
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Oh hey, look who is online again!? Yup. That's right. ME!!! *happy dance*

Which isn't to say that I haven't exactly been without internet connection since I last posted in the warm lobby of the Hilton Seattle where I was enjoying Sakura-Con with some fantastic friends and making new ones. I've had internet......on my blackberry (aka Shige-Dex). I just haven't had time to make a post!

So what's new/happening/exciting in my life in the past two weeks?

I'm so glad you asked! )

So. How are you doing this fine spring? :D Less hectic than me, I hope. One day soon I will actually comment on your posts! Promise!
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I think I need a weekend from my weekend!

I had a ton of meetings in the past week and a bunch of them were crammed into yesterday. I woke up feeling groggy and discombobulated. The feeling hasn't quite dissipated and the headache behind my right eye is starting to make itself known.

I think I'll work on last week's [ profile] jesummary tomorrow. My bed is too tempting not to make it an early night tonight.

Hope everyone is doing well!
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It's been a hectic week filled with fun!

Last Thursday I flew to Los Angeles to help out with Anime Los Angeles. Met some awesome people! [ profile] hazelchaz, [ profile] ala_mokita, Pearl, Patrick, and Evan! Was drinking every night of the weekend with the last three and [ profile] seshat! Twas fab! Also managed to get myself some lovely minions by the names of [ profile] karinberry, [ profile] koneho, and Steve. LOL. Fantastic times. I've never really had minions before but they were so awesome and I love them all. And Kon is absolutely adorable...just like [ profile] karinberry had told me! :D I also may have accepted a promotion. STOP LAUGHING. It'll be less stress! Or so I'm told! :D Way less people than Fanime!

Also, [ profile] kenaressa is coming back down for Fanime! SO EXCITED!!!!

Then it was back to work and try to do Fanime prep all week for the meeting on Sunday. I flailed over hot, hot Jin pictures and made a date with [ profile] nihongofrancais to pick me up from the airport on Sunday.

Because I'm flying down to LA again on Saturday morning for the wrap up meeting for Anime LA. Meetings all day long. Then fly back the next morning in time for Fanime meetings all day long. Yup, a weekend full of meetings! I'm so far behind on being organized! D:

On top of that, I caught a chest cold. I'm mostly over it but am slightly congested and slept a LOT yesterday. About 15 hours worth. Took a small nap today. I'm totally bringing a ton of cough meds and tea with me down south. Or as I told Evan, who also caught a cold, I'm bringing the herbal tea, he's bringing the drugs. XD Am currently blogging while watching [ profile] rightsock, [ profile] damiri, [ profile] yzo, and [ profile] rogue_ravnos all play Rock Band 2.

It's all great fun just hanging out and I wish my new friends from So.Cali was up here with me to rock out. Of course, I'll see Steve again on Sunday and tease him horribly....just for Kon. But a weekend of Anyone up for some sake afterwards?

Edit: [ profile] rogue_ravnos is liquoring me up quite nicely! :D I've got an x-rated drink in hand. YUM.
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How did this year pass by so fast?

I'm still a bit boggled by how quickly time passed me by and that it probably all meant that I was too darn busy to notice! I was telling a few friends that I felt that I didn't accomplish very much this year. So I decided to do a Year in Review and to remind myself that I did accomplish a lot!

I combined it with that meme (Take the first sentence (or two) from the first post of each month of 2008. That's your year in review.)

So what did I do? )

I...think I need more sleep. XD
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O hisashiburi!

It's been a while since I've written a proper entry, ne!? ^_^;;

Fanime has come and passed!! When it started, I was so nervous! I had lots of impact butterflies in my tummy and I couldn't sleep! So anxious to make sure things went really well....that I forgot to eat. ._.;;

Running around and making sure things went smoothly was a common thing for me. My heart1 was full of hope that things won't go wrong and excitement!! Because of the nature of my division, it was inevitable that I walked around a lot. A lot! So much time clock walking. Clare-chan and I soaked our feet a lot. hotspring But it was worth it! All my Dept. Heads performed their duties very seriously! Any emergencies were taken care of with great speed! I was very proud of my team. sparkles

Now that it's over, I am taking the chance to rest! While at Fanime, my tension was too high arrowup and now that I had a chance to sleep sleepy, my tension is gone! downarrow But I am receiving feedback and some make me very happy catface and others make me sad DD:. I hope that next year, I will make things even more organized!

But first, it's time for more sleep. sleepy I'll post more on my thoughts soon. All that comes to mind right now are that these cherry are "OISHI!" Mmmmmm. lovely


May. 21st, 2008 12:48 am
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I had a huge and utterly delicious dinner at Curry House this evening that sapped all my energy to think. So much so that I forgot to take a picture of my dinner. Oops. tomorrow?

Off to bed. I'm up early tomorrow. <3

The meme everyone is doing and so I'm doing it too just to be trendy! aka, the Week in the Life Meme. Stolen cheerfully from [ profile] yamapea who was the first one on my flist to do it!


1. You must take between six and eight new photographs per day.
2. Your WITL must be consecutive. no skipping days.
3. You must post your photographs at the end of that day, sometime after the last picture is taken.
4. Each photograph must have the time taken beneath and a title, with no other explanation.

All these are taken by my PokeShigeDex (aka blackberry pearl :D )


Kayoubi no ima no jikan//Itsumo no kimi no denwa wo matte shimau )
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Happy Mommy's Day to all!

Today was a nice chill day for me. Hung out a bit with my mom (i.e. discussing Rain, Se7en, Eru, and a few others.), bought some comfy Sketchers to run around Fanime in, chilled at Peet's with a friend to soak up much needed sunshine, and started doing chores to LOVEJUICE blasting on repeat. :D

I had a few hours to do absolutely nothing but rest and that was so nice because I think I forgot what it was like to have an afternoon of doing absolutely nothing. Not be online doing things, not working on Fanime, not on fandom, not on my social life. I actually pulled out a well-loved book and read a few chapters and lounged in bed. SO NICE.

Sometimes, I think I am addicted to being busy. It doesn't feel right if I'm not doing something, either actively or planning an event.

But an afternoon like this comes along and it's such a marvelous feeling. Yes, I'm a bit tired but how joyous my life is right now.

heartshearts I am hoping that I remember this feeling when it's time to put on a great convention.
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[ profile] jesummary updated? OMG YES. CHECK.

Jin's LOVEJUICE lyrics? CHECK. *_______________*

Jin & Koki's solos dl'd? CHECK.

Div Meeting notes & checklist? CHECK.

Cute clothes to boost up confidence? DOUBE CHECK.


Off to face a really long day of meetings! heart1 Will update through twitter!
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Konbanwa. night

Today, I was so hungry!! I didn't eat anything in the evening and stayed up entirely too late. So today, I ate a lot! So many vegetables. It was filling!!

Soon, I will have Beard Papa's to go to during Fanime! There are lots of delicious food onigiri around but I hope I will have time to eat! arrowup It's important to keep up one's strength, ne? punch2

Everyone going to Fanime, don't forget to eat!! rice

:D I hope to see everyone there!!
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Cue the increase of coffee and stress levels!

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SO EXCITED. :D Tomorrow, I'm back at the airport! plane Flying off to see [ profile] karinberry, [ profile] feather_down, [ profile] ilanabean42, [ profile] saturnianlove, [ profile] peroxidepest17, and [ profile] bitofpixiedust! Hey ladies, if I don't have your digits, I totally need them! *looks at Roxi & Linds* Email it to me at swtjemz at gmail. :D I can check email on my PokeShigeDex (aka blackberry) and I'll call you right away. :D

There have been a few other things that have been on my mind but I always forget them whenever I sit down to write an entry. OH WELL. :D I'll write more when I have time to breathe! After this trip, it's time to really buckle down and concentrate on tying the loose ends for my work with Fanime. I want to make sure everything is ready! I have a fantastic second-in-command (or TWIC as I call him. Yah yah, TWo-In-Command. :] )

But I hope everyone living around the SF Bay Area can come and check out Fanime on May 23-26! I'll definitely be wandering around. So if you see a frazzled (but stylishly comfortable!) me, feel free to stop me and tell me to take deep breaths!
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You know what I hate?

Firmly reminding yourself to do certain things while in the shower and when you get to your laptop to do these things, you forget. D:

My mental checklist gets washed down the drain along with the suds of my soap. :/

But at least I am getting things done.

cherry Subbing group project, done.
mailto Fanime emails, mostly done.
NG smsumm, not done. D:
document1 making my Fanime checklist, partially done.

I feel like a slacker. :/

Only 44 days left until Fanime starts.

Oh dear. *cues panic*

p.s. Happy belated Birthday to my other JE half, [ profile] jackoweskla. :D <333 And since it's still the 9th here where I am, Otanjoubi omedetto, YamaPi! :D

p.p.s. karen, ilana, victoria. are you staying with cara and i on may 3/4? i'm going to book the hotel in the morning. i'm looking at hotels in little tokyo. :D


Feb. 19th, 2008 06:45 am
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Hey Everyone! *flails* EXCITING NEWS!


will perform at MusicFest @ FanimeCon 2008

An Cafe will be performing their first U.S. show at Fanime, ending their world tour, Live Cafe Tour '08 "NYAPPY GO AROUND THE WORLD", on May 25, 2008. Feel free to check out all the details on MusicFest's site. More details will to come!

My very awesome MusicFest staff have been working super hard on this and I am very, very excited about our guests!

I had a few more things I keep wanting to write about but I've been super busy. I'll give a real update soon! <3 Hope everyone is having a beautiful day!


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