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Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! It meant so much to me since I was having a horrid week (complete with trips home with me bawling my eyes out). Things have definitely looked up today despite how slammed I was at work.

Thank you. For just being there for me even though I've been slammed with RL life things. Thank you for supporting me through one of the most trying periods of my life. Without you guys, I would be so lost and would not be able to find my strength and comfort in you. Without each of you, I would be struggling to find the silver lining each day and maintain hope.

Life for me is a bit tough right now but you, my family, and my beloved boyfriend give me so much hope and optimism for a wonderful 2010.

Tonight, I had dinner with wonderful friends whom I love dearly. Saturday, I'll party with many friends whom I love to have a great time with. Clearly, this weekend will rock.

Also, tonight, BF gave me this gorgeous Burberry purse. Totally wasn't expecting and am totally in love with it. Now I don't have to buy a purse for any weddings this year!! :D But I do need a matching wallet!!!
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Happy Birthday to Myra, Gred and Forge Weasley, Kamika, and Dad!!! :D

I've been super busy lately. Some ups and downs.

ear Had a meditative silence for [ profile] anjenue on Monday to remember the good things.

teardrop Am sad for [ profile] lilkimmiebaby.

martini Excited for [ profile] purelica/[ profile] bluebyyou/[ profile] n0body's brother's wedding.

plane Eager to see Sakura Con next week with [ profile] shinigamitabris, [ profile] kenaressa, and [ profile] elise_maxwell.

lightbulb Staying positive for [ profile] haru_no_sakura & [ profile] kamikaze_bunny.

present Going to birthday parties and weddings.

footprint Been doing yoga.

watch Wondering where my time has flown to but enjoying it anyways.

*O* I've been a bit disorganized for a few things and it's made me discombobulated.

scorpio Been having fun with a social life lately and am kinda missing my online loves.

But I miss you all!!!! <33333
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Konbachiwa, minna-san!!

I hope everyone has been eating well so far this year! I've been taking care of what I am eating lately. So many delicious things to eat!!

Tonight, my friends and I surprised our friend during the girls' movie night. It was fun and very sneaky. hehehehe She was super surprised!! We got her a delicious cake and balloons. All of us were calm and sly about the surprise, talking normally and excited about the movie. Then BAM!!

Birthday cake with lots of birthday !!


It was good to celebrate birthdays together. Even better to hang out with good friends.

Such a good night. hehehehe
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Happy Belated Birthday, [ profile] halffling!!!! Let's go out for some yummy food in Japantown soooooooon. I miss my Biku-time. ♥

To [ profile] bebiteeny, words can't describe how much I feel for your loss. Just know that I'm there for you, girl, should you ever need a shoulder to cry on or some much needed distraction. I'll drive up for the day anytime. ♥

Bambina is addictive. D: NewS, you're not supposed to be singing dirty to me.
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Home from Seattle now!!! :D

My hand is getting better but I am getting used to typing with my index finger and thumb on my right hand and my left hand. :/ But my fingers are still smarting. Especially since I forget and do something and the pain reminds me.

I miss [ profile] shinigamitabris, [ profile] elise_maxwell, and [ profile] kenaressa already!! I had a lot of fun!

Seattle wasn't as cold as NYC but still, it was colder and wetter than where I live. Seattle reminds me a bit of San Francisco but with less fog and less hills. Still very pretty. As is Bellevue! :D

There was drinking (MAINLY [ profile] kenaressa AND I.) and lots of laughter! Wii bowling with gimp hand got me in last place but OH THE FUN. Also, the Space Needle is really cool and Pike Place Market is awesome. I still want fresh fish for breakfast, y0. *determined to go to Tsukiji Fish Market this summer* Also, I got a latte from the very first Starbuck's! Plus a pound of the Pike Place Blend that's only sold there for my dad. :D

We watched a lot of random clips and had a lot of fun! Ate some good food and I have fudge! I'm gonna bring it to share with everyone on Sunday night!

I think I left my blackberry cord thingy at wifey's place. Must get it back so I can upload all the pretty pictures I took with it!



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sweat A million and one things to do before Thursday!!! *panics*

sake Birthday party will have lots of sake! I am looking forward to it! Also, I'm setting up a birthday dinner with some close friends. Anyone up for Sushi on a Friday night?

key So I still haven't named my sexy new phone yet. But I did make some ringtones! I've got the SC version of Pinky, w-inds.' Beautiful Life & Top Secret, KAT-TUN's Wilds of My Heart from the ctK-TIIYou tour, and one other. I'll probably do Kirei Da, Trial, and Pearl Dance soon. :D

magnify I'm anxiously flailing over something pretty big. I want it to hurry up so I can flail in big huge sparkles!

bananas I'm still flailing over my DBSK Bonjour Paris photobooks. The pictures are utterly gorgeous and really, I think it's no secret about how much I love Jaejoong.

sleepy On that note, I am watching one of my fandoms explode with speculations and hatred. I keep thinking that it's really amusing that people are hating on a particular company on blocking their favorite band's chances for #1 on the Oricon Charts. Come on, it's the music industry and it's going to be competitive. But I kinda like the fact that they are working hard to make it to the top in Japan. It's not that I don't want them to reach #1 but at the same time, I like watching their road to becoming that. I'm probably really strange in the fact that I like seeing them live their dreams of being a singer and becoming a better person. The business is a harsh one and to see them grow more and more mature while retaining a lot of who they are is really cool.

arrowup Also, I WANT TO BE IN JAPAN TO GO SEE OHNO'S ART GALLERY. And to go fangirl flaily crazy with Tabs on her concert trek.

moviecamera My good friend and fellow Aquarian, Tony, did this really awesome challenge. He and his brother entered the National Film Challenge in which you are given 48 hours to produce a film. There are requirements that have to be included in the film but 48 hours to write a script, act it out, edit, and turn it in.

The finalists for 2007 have been selected and Tony is among the final 15. Go and check their film out!! Their film is titled Heroic Love by the Smith Brothers. Voting ends on Jan. 22nd 11pm CST.

sparkles Did I ever mention that I like sparkly things? If not, I LIKE SPARKLY THINGS. :D I will do that meme that [ profile] tokyostory did. I just need to find some pictures. catface

paperclip I need to find/create a costume for Mardi Gras when I go and visit Iso. Any ideas that would go well with a black, pvc corset?
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thumbsup It's Wednesday! My favorite day! HUMP DAY!

sun It's gorgeous outside! :D

camera1 Scans of pretty boys are OUT!

plane My travel plans for the next few months entails the following:
~* Seattle ~ Jan. 16-20 ~ for my BIRTHDAY with wifey, Erisu, and Clare!
~* Los Angeles ~ May 10-11 ~ [ profile] veilsdegto's bridal shower

;alskfj;asf. So, this is totally in keeping with my New Year's Resolution next year which is to TRAVEL MORE.


tv YUKAN CLUB. JINNIFER. YES YES YES YES. HOW I LOVE JIN SO MUCH. I adore this series for the utter crack and pretty and dorkiness that abounds. Plot? What's that?! Pffft. Who needs plot when you have JIN and YOKO! *____*

loveletter I had an exciting email come in today and I'm super gleeful over it.

japanesetea Je_hol fic will be conquered soon. :| Then I can go off and write other things. Like my other fest fic. :|

footprint I'm wearing my nifty legwarmers and I am very thankful to [ profile] moof for recommending Sock Dreams to me. I've been very happy with it!

snail My boss announced that he's leaving the company. About 4 stones worth of relief fell off my shoulders since I will not have to endure his nitpicky ways for much longer. No more stress and fists of fury flapping around in dark corners of the building for me! At least until my new boss shows how much of an ass he is. :D But I am now job-hunting and now-leaving-boss said he'll give us recommendation/reference letters. :D

present I'm in the holiday spirit. ARE YOU?

*twirls around*
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I've been fairly busy lately okay, I'm always busy! :-P but I just wanted to say how much I love Napa.

[ profile] rightsock, [ profile] seshat, [ profile] archangelkhaos, [ profile] rogue_ravnos, and I took [ profile] yzo to Napa to celebrate his birthday and have a nice, relaxing day of wine-tating in beautiful wine country. We totally missed having [ profile] damiri coming along but she got to see beautiful horses in Canada, so we drank a glass for her. XD And we missed all who could not join us on our trek. *misses*

But Domaine Chandon was our first stop and a beautiful place, as always. I love the bubbly and Chandon's bubbly is one of the nicest in California. It's a bit more upscale but I love the grounds and felt at home since I come to this winery every time I go to Napa. Plus, a rock mushroom garden!!! How cool is that!?

The next stop is Cosentino! MY FAVORITE WINERY IN NAPA. Seriously. The guys at behind the counter were all nice, easygoing, and friendly. They talked to everyone in the party and when they found out that we played World of Warcraft, the game talk was ON. We ended sampling 13 great wines, suckered convinced [ profile] seshat to join the wine club, and walked away with a case of wine. They recommended Brix as a great place to eat since Mustard's may be packed. At Brix, the food was phenomally good and we tried The Novelist (which we didn't try at Cosentino since they didn't open any of the bottles) and I had more of The Poet, which is an excellent wine to go with lamb or steak, and we all got to try The Prisoner from Orin Swift Winery (which, I think, I am going to get a bottle to celebrate Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix movie. Or do a HP movie marathon at home and drink that bottle with some good friends and have a fun time. Or something. XD )

The Novelist was so good, we went drove 400 yards back to Cosentino to get a few bottles. :D

Then off we went to Chimney Rock which had fabulous and complex Cabernet Savignon (and prices to match! Ouch!) and was a beautiful winery. But they were really hands off compared to the friendly cameraderie of the Cosentino and Brix staff, so we tasted fairly quickly and headed home.

All in all, it was a very relaxing day of good food, good friends, and a beautiful place to revel in the sun. I felt something tight inside me release as they day went on and I was filled up with positive energy again. Like I'm in a very good headspace and I've worked hard to create that space. Of course, I'm slowly cleaning out junk of my room/house/garage, so it could be the positive feng shui is flowing around me once more. Or the stars are telling me it's a good time to enjoy my life.

I had so much I wanted to write down but I'll save it for another post!


ALL YOU LOCAL COOLBEANS WHO KNOW ME ARE INVITED TO MY HOUSE ON SUNDAY, JUNE 24TH AT 1 PM FOR A LAZY BBQ. It's a potluck, so I'll supply the grill, propane, dishes and plasticware (and maybe a bottle of wine or two). You supply the meats, the veggies, the drinks, yourself, and a good time.

Email me ( for the address, hugs, squishes, and any questions you've got for me.


P.S. This song (Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake - Give It To Me) is on repeat because it is the song that Ryohei dorks around with two of his backup dancers in a video that he put up on his blog. Oh Ryohei, ilusm, don't ever stop being a dancer dork.

P.P.S. And this gif? MAKES ME GLEEFUL. idk why but it does. Oh Jae. ilu2.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] goldieKINS! ♥ No words can contain my love for you. *smoochies*

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY [ profile] ilanabean42!!!! I hope your special day was wonderful and filled with hot boys. ;-) I would write fic but I sorta fail at that. *\O/*
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] mousapelli!!! Hope your day is filled with vapid Jin, sweetly hugging JaeHo, arguing AkiHika, Ryuichi pretending to do fireballs at Ryohei while Keita just pumps his arms around the stage, and all sorts of other wonderful goodies! *smooochies*

in other news, SuJu (Super Junior), the other korean group I've fallen for (besides DBSK. hush, tabs, shinwha & fly to the sky & h.o.t. are the ones i've been re-obsessed with. :-P ), had members survive a serious car accident. D: I don't know if anyone else on my flist is following this but KyuHyun, LeeTeuk, EunHyuk, and ShinDong of Super Junior are currently in the hospital. (I think ShinDong may have been released since he had the lightest injuries.) EunHyuk and LeeTeuk are in serious but stable conditions. KyuHyun is in critical condition with many injuries including pneumothorax, broken ribs, and broken pelvis.

SuJu's activities have been cancelled (yes, including their appearance at Hollywood Bowl in May in LA). RyeoWook and SungMin have temporarily taken over the DJ'ing for Kiss The Radio/Sukira (which KyuHyun, LeeTeuk, EunHyuk, and ShinDong were coming back from) for LeeTeuk and EunHyuk. They may rotate members to DJ the program but I'm not sure.

all news/info taken from [ profile] super_junior

I really hope KyuHyun pulls through. T_T My heart goes out to those who are close to the boys and their families. I wonder if DBSK has heard about the accident. DBSK and SuJu are all pretty close. Eunhyuk is best friends with Junsu and Junsu must be frantic with worry. T____________T
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] halffling!!!!

To my dearest Biku,

I hope your special day has truly been special and wonderful. And that cake and fun and smiles have been had along with pretty asian boys!

Let's get together soon to frolic around Japantown again. We must have crepes and lovely shiny!

♥ *smoochies*

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Thank you, [ profile] karaz for the balloons!!! They are lovely and make my user info page so pretty! ♥!

Happy (belated) Birthday to [ profile] closet_bound!!! Hope your day was absolutely spiffy.

Happy Birthday to my birthday twin, [ profile] son_of_darkness. I hope our day brings you great things. Mine started off wonderfully. :3 I got ice cream and hugs and cute boys for dinner. :3

Tomorrow, my best friend and I will be dragging our sisters back to the seamstress to pick up our ao dai and have my sister fitted for hers. :3 I can't wait for the wedding! It'll be so nice.

On a happy note, my boss's boss told him that I was working way too much. So I don't have to work any OT this upcoming week as a break. :3 I have all this free time to actually crack open The Burning Crusade and level up my blood elf priest. Yay!!!

So, how are all of you?
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I love Fridays. I really do. Almost as much as Wednesdays (which is my favorite day of the week, actually).

Not only is there BSG Fridays at [ profile] rightsock's place where I get to spend time with lovely souls and a hot tub ( :-3 *glee* ), my favorite game addiction, Midnight Paradox - a w-inds. TCG, is updated on this day. I ADORE THIS GAME. Really. I do. If you do decided to play (*HINTHINT*mynewlovelyfriendswholovew-inds.*HINTHINT*), put me (JEMZ) down as a referrer. You know you want to play with me.

And the thing I love about this game? Is the amount of SHINY that I get to stare at. *points to at w-inds. header*

But right now, it's pwning my free time because I SPEND HOURS LOOKING FOR RYOHEI in the Find Myself game. HOURS. D:

The best part is the iPod has been playing 5 random w-inds. songs since it's shuffling through the 23.8GB of music I stuck on it. XD

In other news, yay for BSG! Yay for my best friend's birthday yesterday as well as the lovely and indomitable [ profile] cuevafamily. Happy belated Birthday, hot diva! I love you lots.

note: I just re-read this and it all seems like useless spam. But. Hi. Welcome to everyone who's new to my journal. XD How are you all doing today?
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Sakaguchi-san, you're so sexy. *_*


AND Teppei-chan. YOU ARE ADORABLE. Even if your character is a total klutz. *licks Dr. Koike*


K. Gotta run to BLUE FIN for dinner in celebration for [ profile] happyhien's bday! BLUE FIN!!!
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Wishing [ profile] autumnmoon a very Happy Birthday!!!

Hope the day brings you lots of love and fun!!! I miss you sweetie!

also Happy Belated Birthdays to [ profile] starrysummer and [ profile] seshat1!! I hope things go spectacularly well for you both this year!!
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So I went and saw The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift last night with some friends. I must say that it fulfilled what I had expected of it and then some. I went into the movie knowing that the storyline was going to be utter crap and the racing/cars would be really awesome to watch. And it was. Of course, my knowledge of drifting is fairly limited to what I've seen on Initial D and my own experiences with street drag racing.

But the cars made me drool the most. One of my favorite cars, '97 RX7, was the one I was lusting after. But anyone who knows me and Initial D knows how much I love that car (the FD model). Even the FC is hot. And the movie gives a nod to the HachiRoku. Which made me squeee like I just saw an adorable pic of w-inds. or the sexy pics of Nari *coughs*XD (and if you haven't heard me squee over them, then you're pretty lucky in my opinion. :-D )

I'm not much into the American cars but the '67 Mustang they had in the movie was a sweet ride. With a Skyline engine of course. *_*

But watching this movie brought a bit of nostalgia for the street drag scene. It's still prevelant and I still have friends who showcase and are racing but sometimes I think about those times. It was full of drama, beautiful cars, car shows, car show h0es, ravin' and trance beats, playing billiards, street racing and all the meetups, seeing more beautiful cars, knowing a lot of thugs/wannabes/awesome peeps, meeting my girl [ profile] veilsdegto and staying close friends through all that shitty drama.

And speaking of my girl [ profile] veilsdegto, I thought I would pimp out her ebay auction for her car since she's moving and, unfortunately, needs to sell her award-winning ride. It's absolutely gorgeous and I am sad to see her sell it since it has been her baby ever since we've met.

Plus, for all you anime/doujinshi/jpop fans on my flist, my crack dealer [ profile] shinigamitabris is selling some stuff, including a brand new limited ed. Best of Kat-Tun thingy and a TezRyo doujinshi that is still free to be snapped by all you TezRyo shippers on my flist. Run and get it now!

Erm....and Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] beautifulphrase, [ profile] buttfacemakani, and [ profile] fictionalaspect!!!! I hope your special days were fun and beautiful as each one of you are! *smooochies*
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YAY!!! It is Friday and glorious!

I am super excited that it is Friday and that most of my work is done and I am currently twiddling my non-painted thumbs about in utter glee for 3:45pm to come about so I can leave!!!

So what have I been doing? I've been busy with life, work, and the eternal quest for a good night's rest.

Also, have been squeeing like a 13 year old over the sheer adorableness that is Teppei Koike from WaT.

He's going to be in a new Japanese drama called Team Medical Dragon.

Which immediately brought House to my mind. >.> I totally want to see the first episode when it airs and see if it's anything similar to House. If it is, I may be addicted. Snark and cute Teppei in glasses?! :9 Dr. Koike, I have a "problem"! XD

And I'm going to be totally distracted this weekend. Going to Pasha's tonight for a birthday dinner, so I am interested and excited! Tomorrow is the godkid's 3rd birthday, so skirt steak and korean bbq, here I come! Sunday is Dead Dog for Fanime Con Staff. So I'll be out and about. If you need me, just dial the numbers to my cell.

OHHH. Before I forget! I must offer humble HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY WISHES to [ profile] madsciencechick, [ profile] kenboy, [ profile] hd_obsession, [ profile] obsessed_love, [ profile] stumbletongue, [ profile] malicemadden, [ profile] lunadeath02, [ profile] shutterbox, [ profile] akahannah, [ profile] tamlane, [ profile] jamoche, [ profile] djin7, [ profile] complete, [ profile] ilanabean, & [ profile] goldie!!!!

Goodness, that's a lot of birthdays I missed from the last half of May til now. I'm very sorry I missed out on your special days but I hope that you are having a fantabulous YEAR. *smoochies and kisses to all*

Edit: Happy UNbirthday to [ profile] final! Because observing a Coo's habits is pretty fun. XD

Sooooo. How is your day going? ^_^

a note

May. 15th, 2006 12:36 pm
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Hey all.

Hope everyone is doing well.

My weekend has been interesting. Got a lot of things done, got some halfway done, and some got nowhere close to being done. My car broke down, I squeed and flailed like a mad thing to [ profile] shinigamitabris, baked in the sun while trying to apply makeup in the car, and other various things.

Life is still busy and I'm still trying to cope. So I may not be around for a bit while I deal with some personal issues. If you've got my cell, I'm always available to chit chat (or squee/flail as the case may be with Tabris).

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the moms and Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] mayflo, [ profile] easybeef, and [ profile] nothingbutfic. Hope your birthdays were enjoyable and memorable.
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Wow. What a weekend! I had a packed but very fun weekend.

It started off with a bang with my makeover with my wonderful friend who is moving down to the City of Plastic Dolls (aka Hollywood >_> ). Got an awesome red lipstick to go swing dancing at the Metronome along with some pretty fake lashes. Very chique.

Fanime Meeting: It was great seeing everyone! Only a month left! Somehow, I volunteered for an event which I'm doubting I should do. But I signed up for it and I hope it will be fun and well worth it!

Then it was off to hang out with birthday people! I had fun teaching the girls, Ant, and Tony how to do East Coast Swing. I definately want to go back up there one of these days! SupperClub was hot! I loved the vibe and the party atmosphere. Quite fun. Maybe we can do dinner there one of these days.

Sunday brought more birthdays! Celebrated all day long instead of being all bummy and lounging. Had yummy, yummy food with the family for Sis's birthday. Love you lots, shortie.

I still need to pick up my bridesmaid dress for the wedding on Saturday. I'm so excited! The seamstress had to take in a few more inches when I tried it on on Saturday. Totally made my day!

So this weekend, I will be gone again. Stuck up in Sacramento (or the outskirts of it) for the wedding. I will try to take pics and load them up! As soon as I steal my sis's computer back where the rest of my pics are living. >_> So I apologize if I'm going to miss anything big! I'll try to attain some internet access but I may be on sporadically.

Oh man. I just got a facial last night and my skin feels soo good! *luxuriates*

Things to look forward to!
♥ Friend's wedding this weekend!
Fanime Con on Memorial Day weekend
♥ BPAL Will Call in June in LA. (y0 [ profile] lilkimmiebaby & [ profile] veilsdegto! Can we say paaaarrrrrttyyyyyyy!!!! This time, no more ghetto clubs with ugly, grabby Spaniards. :-P )
LUMOS!!!! Why yes, I am excited about this!!!!!!!

Oh! and before I totally forget

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO my lovely and cheesey [ profile] miints and my sweetie [ profile] alittlewhisper. You both are very wonderful and I'm very glad to have you both in my internetpr0n life. I wish you both the very best on your special days! *smoochies*
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Wheee! I finally got a new layout with a banner! I've been wanting one for years but am not c-mart (aka too damn lazy) to create one.

[ profile] swtjemz

Many thanks, huggles, snuggles, and other glomping activities to [ profile] shabzilla, who graciously indulged my love for Hatake Kakashi of Naruto. >.> There were others I considered but really, Kakashi is one of my favorite characters of all time. Although Takahashi Ryosuke from Initial D, Shindou Hikaru from Hikaru no Go, and Kajimoto Takahisa from Prince of Tennis were close behind him.

But YAY!!!! New layout!!!! *_*

In other news, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to my baby sis (who's birthday was yesterday), [ profile] vanae12 [ profile] nemkess, [ profile] maxine_chan, [ profile] shudaizi, [ profile] cmere, and [ profile] mousapelli!!! I hope you all had a wonderful, wonderful birthday! I know I suck on staying on track with your birthdays but I do wish all the very best! *smoochies*


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