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Birthdate:Jan 21
Location:California, United States of America
hey there. i don't know if people even bother to read the bio but i guess here's a blurb about me. Call me Jemz or Jewels, it doesn't matter. i'm a chick living in the bay area and hanging out with some crazy cool people who make me laugh and appreciate my life. I love so many things that i tend to dabble in all and seem to master none of it. I'm an Aquarian to the hilt. I like the craziest things in life but when i find something i love, i'm devoted to it.

I'm a very silly, goofy person. feel free to ask anything. comment, tickle, hug, or be silly with me. i use this journal to release thoughts, pent-up tension, insecurities, questions, random musings, and so on with an incoherent touch. I do talk about my life quite a bit and not much about fandoms since i've been involved in so many (i.e. Naruto, Prince of Tennis, Harry Potter, Hikaru no Go, Rurouni Kenshin, Weiss Kruess, Fruits Basket, etc). I like to explore certain things and to be very safe at the same time. heh. i march to the tune of my own drum. or dance to the beat in my mind. wanna join me?

i am an anime fanatic. i love it. i adore several series and will follow them avidly. others, i collect and watch over and over, like a good movie. I am also a Harry Potter addict. i love it. H/D are my OTP. <333

Feel free to friend and comment away. I am a rabid friend-er (especially if I adore your fics/art, then I might have friended you first...just so i can give proper *adoration*). I read my f-list fanatically and will comment whenever possible. i love making new friends. if i'm online or around, say hi or something. ^_^

HUG ME!!!! i need some good luvin'.

give swtjemz more *HUGS*

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