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Konbachiwa, minna-san!

I was so busy last week that I forgot my jweb, ne. ^_^;; But I will try better at updating!thumbsup

But I had a good weekend! It was Valentine's day, ne? heart1 I was well loved. hearts My fiance brought me flowers littlediamondcherryblossom. He gave them to me the day before Valentine's Day since that was the day we met two years ago. lovely Little did I know that this man I met at the club would become my future husband. :DD

What about your Valentine's Day, minna-san!? Was it filled with love? heartshearts Did you tell your loved ones that you love them? sparklesheartssparkleslovely

Now I've been really busy!! So many things to do!;O;

But I am enjoying the rain right now rain. The skies are so cloudy cloud and sometimes the sun peeks out sun and spits hail along with sunshine. mist. It's a bit strange but I enjoy it. Something unique, ne?

But now it's bedtime! Oyasuminasai, minna-san!!

Date: 2011-02-18 11:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Awwww, yayyy flowers!

Little did I know that this man I met at the club would become my future husband

LOL, I met D at a bar. Who says you don't date people you meet at bars/nightclubs! Lol.

I love the weather we're having too, it's so nice.

Hope you got a good rest!!


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